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Are false positives a thing?

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Rain123ka Thu 19-Nov-20 15:59:58

Hi ladies!

Im super super confused!

Had my contraceptive implant taken out after 6 months, and we overlapped by starting the mini pill a week before stopping but hormones went crazy so stopped that after 2 weeks.

We decided to try natural family planning.

So straight after i stopped using the pill I had a spotting for which seemed like forever! 18 days to be exact! So my ovulation was thrown off track and I think I ovulated later than my app thinks!

Were not trying to conceive, but I started noticing weird symptoms but kept saying its probably because my hormones are balancing out slowly.

I grew a whole cup size !

Ive bene having all sort of symptoms but according to my calculations im on 13/14dpo atm

With midday urine i had 3 positives yesterday on a clear and simple early detection test.

I was sent by my go for blood as the symptoms ive been having these last two weeks are nothing like my pms.

I had cramps for like 5 days! And like only used one panty liner and barely a pad(obviously i changed inbetween because eww)

And those positives were defo not faint!

I wokeup in the morning used 5 types of tests and it seemed negative... but the clear blue had the faintest faintest blueish line ! Maybe evap?

My spotting is like only when i wipe now so its day 4 atm.

My bloodwork comes on Monday!

I am so confused and cannot concentrate on anything!

Just had an aura about an hour ago and i have not had any migranes in two years!!

My breats feel kind of soreish

Been having weird like puling feelings on the right side but like ever so slight!

The spotting was also bright red.

Im so confused maybe the tests i used were faulty??

I know this is going to sound odd but i feel like my body is doing all these weird things!

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Juno231 Thu 19-Nov-20 17:07:45

Clear blues are notorious for faint positives as the dye runs - however based on the number of them and strength of the lines, it sounds more like you could be having a chemical pregnancy?

Rnka123 Thu 19-Nov-20 17:23:34

Hi @Juno231

Thanks for reading and replying !

I agree it might be hoping the blood work gives some clarity and i can just put this behind me

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