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Clear blue advanced users - when do you get your flashing smiley?

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Mel43k Thu 19-Nov-20 13:36:56

I've been using this for two cycles now. First month I got flashing smiley cycle day 6 & 7 then static on 8! (Early much?!!) So we DTD. Then flashing again cycle day 13 & 14 then static 15! TWO LH surges! I didn't get pregnant unfortunately.

This month it's happened again! Early Flashing smiley cycle day 8,9 & 10. I'm just waiting now for the static!

Anyone else had flashing smileys pretty early?
Or two LH surges detected?

My cycles are generally 28 - 33 days

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S345 Thu 19-Nov-20 17:02:40

Hey @Mel43k I tend to only use CB ovulation sticks now around the time I'm meant to be ovulating to confirm with a static smiley however I've looked back when I was using them from CD7 and mine went like this:

CD7-8 - low
CD9-12 - flashing high
CD13 - static peak

Hope this helps! X

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