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hopesanddreamsx Wed 18-Nov-20 18:39:17


So this is going to be very long winded but I just want some advice, some support or to see if anyone has ever been through this themselves.

So basically I was very overweight back in 2015 and I have always struggled to lose weight like it's really difficult and I was diagnosed with PCOS, the hormone levels, the excess hair all the symptoms basically except no cysts on the ovaries. But when I had my scan, they could only view one ovary.

Anyway fast forward to this year June 2020, 60 pounds lighter and trying to conceive for the last 12 months or so, maybe less and OH is in the army so some months we would miss suspected ovulation. I was referred to the fertility clinic and I had all tests done again which stated I was not ovulating (on that specific month) 21 day test as well but my periods were different lengths so it was confusing, and I had all the same symptoms except more regular periods, not the same every month but not far between the lengths, but again scan shows I have no cysts on both ovaries, no blockages etc either. The clinic said they are happy to help once I lose more weight, and have a BMI under a certain number for clomid/ivf etc. But did also state I was potentially not ovulating because of my weight.
So the GP prescribed me Metformin to aid weight loss, regular my periods and ease PCOS symptoms and once the scan (I mentioned just before) was reported the GP undiagnosed me from the PCOS and left me on metformin.

Since June I have lost another 2.8stone and started the metformin in September. My periods have been 26 days, and I have been getting EWCM which I've never experience on the days coming up to "my" expected ovulation. I haven't tested it, because I'm yet to have another blood test this month to check ovulation now these symptoms are arriving. But I am continuing to lose the weight, none of my symptoms have eased, we are yet to conceive and now I just feel like I've hit a brick wall. Nothing will change until I'm an ideal weight for any ovulation aid.

I would just like some advice/support/similar stories, any BFPs from anyone with similar issues as me.
I feel so lost and I'm sick of speaking to my GP and not really getting any support or help, or bothering my OH he's probably tired of me going on and on, hahaha smile

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Mooey89 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:45:11

No advice OP apartheid from to say I’m in the same boat, PcOS, weight loss so hard and down 3 stone since July. Just restarted metformin in the hope it will help bring my BMI down enough to start IVF (private) in the new year. My BMI is 36.6 so need another stone to get the magic 35!

Mooey89 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:45:58

Apart from! Don’t know why it autocorrected to apatheid

hopesanddreamsx Wed 18-Nov-20 20:45:46

@Mooey89 aha don't worry I got what you meant.

Ah it's so frustrating anyway, good luck with the weight loss! You've done amazing losing that much.
Yeah with me they said I have PCOS, and now they have undiagnosed me yet apart from the weight loss, 26day cycle, I'm still in a massive rut.

I was told I most likely won't even need ovulation help as it was either the weight or PCOS. But I am trying not to stress and just continuing to focus on the weight loss but it is so hard because I'm thinking shall I just forget everything until I'm at the ideal weight for fertility help or sad ah I just feel so annoyed

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Mooey89 Wed 18-Nov-20 21:14:48

Look at inofolic - my friend was recommended it by an IVF nurse - it’s supposed to be a bit of a miracle and although it’s not cheap- think it was £30 for a Month supply, it’s cheaper than ivf if it works x

Mooey89 Wed 18-Nov-20 21:16:34

What I’ve been doing is focussing on the weight loss and getting as healthy as poss, forgetting TTC for a minute. If I fall naturally whilst doing the lifestyle changes, amazing, but if not, I’ll be ready for IVF in the new year x

hopesanddreamsx Thu 19-Nov-20 07:13:39


Yeah, honestly it's just more of knowing what the issue is so that when I'm my ideal healthy self I can focus on that. Dreading that I get to one stage and then there's another wall I hit.

But yes, I'm currently just doing the weight loss thing and not focusing on conceiving at the minute, I want to be healthy for myself and then if I have a baby for him/her too because I don't want to be an unhealthy mum. So I mean it's two birds one stone! Just so annoying when they cannot give you some help/information and proper diagnosis.

Good luck tho! And please keep me updated!

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Mooey89 Thu 19-Nov-20 07:39:29

Yeah I totally get that, it’s so frustrating. Good luck with it all x

Lucille3 Thu 19-Nov-20 08:04:48

I have a history of all kinds of problems with periods, hormones, pcos etc and bar one doctor about 15 years ago, I’ve had very little help or support.

I was having some tests to see if I actually ovulated (even though the doctor said ‘we won’t offer you any assistance with this until you lose a few stone’) when I surprisingly got pregnant with my DS in 2018 which was such a blessing!

I’m trying now for #2 and having a tough ride. I need to lose weight, and find it so hard when there’s all this emotional stuff going on! (Plus I know I will get zero nhs help as I have a child already and am still obese)

@hopesanddreamsx you’ve made such amazing steps towards your weight loss, I’m so impressed. Can I ask what you’ve been following?

hopesanddreamsx Thu 19-Nov-20 09:06:14

@Lucille3 I am so sorry to hear you've also had problems, it's a nightmare isn't it!
Aw that's amazing, good luck for this time around though.

I know exactly how it goes, thing is they tested me ovulating on a 28 day cycle when at the time my cycle was all over and I've had to push and push for them to do it again now my cycle has been the exact same amount of days the last three months. Just think some months people don't ovulate for all sorts of reasons, and they haven't done enough to look into things. Weight has always been an issue but I've lost so much compared to the first initial diagnosis and not much has changed symptoms wise.

Aw thank you so much! I wish I was where I want to be but for now it's just time and patience. Honestly, I LOVE water like I literally drink it all the time I don't tend to have anything else, not suggesting anyone do that I'm just weird hahaha! But I just do a calorie deficit and have altered each time I've lost more weight. But I did join WW, in June and I am on the blue plan, that has helped me the last few months tracking wise, as the points just aren't about calories it includes protein/fibre all of those things. Again that adjusts to your weight.
I have a very active job at the hospital I probably hit 15,000 steps 4/5 days a week, but it's not affordable for everyone. So I would say the best thing I ever did was the calorie deficit, made myself more active, and ate a lot more better, but I didn't deprive myself either, and that helped me not slip back into old habits. And now it's all just natural to me!

It's come off slowly but I've found since I've lost it slower the easier it's been to keep off! It's been hard and I don't feel like I feel any different but clothes sizes tell me different hahaha! Sorry I cannot be much help x

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