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Stopped taking birth control pills 11months ago and still no periods

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Simplycomplicated1 Wed 18-Nov-20 01:53:50

Right so I came off combined pills in December 2019. Since then I didn’t have my periods, I’m not definitely not pregnant but my husband and I would like to start trying for a baby! I’ve been to the doctors and even got ultra sound scan done. Still can’t figure what is wrong with my period cycle. Please can someone advice me what I can do or if the had similar experiences?!

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ttcisnteasy Wed 18-Nov-20 02:20:45

When I got off the arm implant BC I didn't have a period for almost a year but when I was on it I never stopped bleeding Now I have irregular periods 😩 that's just my experience with BC though

MintGreenLife Wed 18-Nov-20 09:44:55

@Simplycomplicated1 has the GP done bloods? That is quite a long time to go with out getting AF, although I have spoken to someone who went 9 months without previously and then they came back as normal I believe.

I came off the pill in March, and while I did get my period back 30 days later, 8 months on I'm still struggling with irregular cycles, super late ovulation (anything from CD25-40) and a short luteal phase, which makes our chance of conceiving pretty slim at the moment. It's pretty depressing. I've had bloods done with the GP and privately, and am going for an ultrasound in a few weeks time to try and work out what's going on x

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