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Teacher, exhausted, can't conceive

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HannahBella2020 Tue 17-Nov-20 10:36:55

Hi everyone,

I am really hoping that there is someone out there who has been through my situation!

I have been teaching for 10 years and over the last 4 years, since moving to a new school as Head of Dept, have suffered from sleep deprivation. I am currently signed off work and my doctor has run out of ideas. When I am not working my sleep returns to normal but this can take anything from 2 weeks or more. I am currently averaging 3 hours per night. The school are being very supportive but I think maybe its time to resign, have a career break to allow my body to rest and hopefully conceive my first child at 35 years old. We have been trying to conceive for 10 months but I am too tired to conceive a child right now, I am exhausted and overly emotional. I am measuring my fertilitiy etc but its not happening. The idea of having to go through this whilst pregnant is not an option for me. I do not want to put unnecessary stress on my baby. The only thing is, I'm so scared that this will ruin my future chances of having a career again. I guess I just need some encouragement to put myself and my family first and to forget about work for a bit.

I am in a very happy relationship with a man who can support me and does support my decision if thats what I decide to do . . . I feel I will lose some of my identity and have failed as a woman as most manage to work and conceive. Anyway, frustrated, overtired and hormonal!

Thanks all. Its so wonderful to find a community where us women can vent and talk through our thoughts!



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ILookAtTheFloor Tue 17-Nov-20 11:53:40

I was teaching when I conceived my second. I'd started at a new school and promptly hated it- this was further pressure to conceive as I wanted a job to get the maternity leave. I tried for 2 months with no joy.

Then it all came to a head at school with bullying and threats and I was going to be put on capability. So after talking it through with my family I quit. I was only in my second year of teaching. I resigned on the Friday, on Saturday I conceived.

My husband swears it was the stress, but we'll never really know. I went to do a bit of supply then moved into school governance and I'm a million times happier. Now ttc no. 3.

Good luck, I know what it's like x

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