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When to test after implantation spotting

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Excitedsoontobemom Mon 16-Nov-20 05:49:33

Little update here - instead of BFP, i got a big fat period..more or less on i wonder what that light spotting was about, 3 days before the period started. Onwards and upwards.

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Excitedsoontobemom Sun 15-Nov-20 10:28:02

Thanks @spin4gin and massive congratulations!!! It gives me hope for sure and determination to wait until Tuesday. I've been starring at bfn for over 1.5yrs so i just want to see the clear two lines now smile

I wonder if there's any information somewhere about the likelihood of BFP for women who experienced implantation spotting/cramps ( i know it's not that common).

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Spin4Gin Sun 15-Nov-20 07:47:26

@Excitedsoontobemom I just got my bfp this morning which is 14dpo for me. I tested at 12 dpo and saw nothing (well, I'm convinced I saw a line but only if you held it a certain way in the light hahaha) so it might be worth waiting just a couple more days. I was driving myself nuts staring at tests I had done early trying to see if there was a line

Excitedsoontobemom Sun 15-Nov-20 00:17:23

Amazing, congratulations @eloiseislost! Very happy for you! Thanks for sharing. I'll try my best to wait!smile

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eloiseislost Sun 15-Nov-20 00:12:42

I felt what I now think was implantation pain at night between Tuesday and Wednesday. Tested every day thereafter and got BFNs until today (day AF is due) when I got my BFP. So, if you can, wait until AF is due to get a more accurate result. Best of luck! 🧚🏼‍♀️

Excitedsoontobemom Sun 15-Nov-20 00:05:17

Hello ladies, any advice on how long to wait with testing after i had implantation spotting and mild cramps? Any personal experience of your bfp please?
(My period is due in a couple of days so i am trying to stay away from tests if i can...just wonder how early do the hormones go up after implantation.) Thanks

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