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Faint line ? Clear blue

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minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 17:30:02

Hey all. I tested using FRER today and got a very faint line. I have heard things about indents so went and got a clear blue and got this? Could this be a BFP? I have had some very light pink/brown spotting but nothing on a pad just when wiping. I'm 12 DPO.

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lastbany Sat 14-Nov-20 18:05:15

I think I can see a line what day did you ovulate? Out of curiosity

minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 18:05:55

Hi. I ovulated on Monday last week so I'm 12 DPO

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lastbany Sat 14-Nov-20 18:08:49

I took a cheapo today af was due today but not come but was bfn was third wee of day and tbh been weeing like race horse but when a wanted to test could hardly wee!! I'm 15dpo I think! I'm going on the flo app ?! Could test with the other with fmu but just sick of seeing bfn!!

minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 18:20:29

Ahh I know it's so heartbreaking isn't it. I'd wait until tomorrow if you still haven't got AF then try a FRER or clear blue

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lastbany Sat 14-Nov-20 18:22:06

@ ye I think I will x

GreenApplesYo Sat 14-Nov-20 18:55:09

@minidash I can see a line. Do you have a picture of your FRER? This was my CB early test and I'm now getting on for 6 wks.

minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 18:58:19

@GreenApplesYo did you have any implantation bleeding at all?

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minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 19:03:08

Better pic

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GreenApplesYo Sat 14-Nov-20 19:10:57

Ahh not really sure I see it on the FRER, I can maybe see a super-squinter. Faint lines are hard to photograph though. But I can definitely see something on your CB test. Will you try again tomorrow? Good luck if you do.

I didn't have any implantation bleeding. What dpo did yours happen?

minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 19:12:28

@GreenApplesYo thank you. Yeah I've had a bit today so not sure what to think - only very light pink and only when I've wiped on 2 occasions today. X

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GreenApplesYo Sat 14-Nov-20 19:15:43

I think implantation can happen at 12dpo? Hope you get a stronger line tomorrow 🤞

minidash Sat 14-Nov-20 19:32:00

@GreenApplesYo thank you.

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Excitedsoontobemom Sun 15-Nov-20 00:16:00

Hello, I'll be interested to hear if you get your bfp. I am in a similar situation, 12dpo and had a little pink spotting on the paper today and mild cramps for a few minutes. I am trying to wait and not test until 14dpo, had some false positives last month so dont want to go through that again (although i didnt have the implantation spotting last month so i am hopeful). I have all of my fingers crossed for you! smile

Spin4Gin Sun 15-Nov-20 07:44:02

@minidash I've found that I see shadows on the clear blues (apparently blue dye tests can do this) but it could also have been me wishing for a line haha. I've found that pink dye is much harder to spot an evap so I tend to stick to them. I did a FRER at 12 dpo and got the faintest (if even there line) and I did a FRER at 14 dpo and got a faint line. So it might be worth waiting just a couple of more days and having another go with the FRER :-)

lastbany Sun 15-Nov-20 18:09:49

@ mini dash how's things? I took a test yesterday but wasn't first wee and tbh I could hardly pee! Was gonna take one today but we were off out! Should have got af yesterday still not here gonna try with last test tomorow morning! X

minidash Mon 16-Nov-20 12:46:55

AF came 3 days early x

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Pregh Mon 16-Nov-20 14:02:30

@minidash sorry to hear that. Same story here, AF arrived strong as least i can have a glass of wine to celebrate the new month. Onwards and upwards!

lastbany Mon 16-Nov-20 16:17:22

@minidash @Pregh sorry to both! Least you can plan for next I'm 3 days late cramps been having for ten days still no af but tests are negative???

minidash Mon 16-Nov-20 16:20:33

@lastbany which tests have you used?

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lastbany Mon 16-Nov-20 16:30:55

@minidash I have to admit all have been cheap!! But they do say 99% from day of missed period?! Just don't see how could be positive surely would show

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