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BFP turned BFN

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BriocheBuns Sat 14-Nov-20 13:51:18


I had faint BFPs from 10-13 November on Clear and Simple test strips.

BFN on FRERs though

I’m 13DPO and AF due on 17 Nov

What is going on 🤯

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chloeellen12 Sat 14-Nov-20 22:28:53

I have no advice but I also had faint positives on the clear and simple tests on the 8th & 10th but on every other brand test I’ve been negative.

I’m now 6 days late and they’re still showing negative. I called the drs and she told me you’re very unlikely to have a false positive and to wait a week and test again - not really that helpful!


BriocheBuns Sat 14-Nov-20 23:04:45

@chloeellen12 - oh wow that’s similar to my situation. Have u got a pic of ur positive test? Mines doesn’t pick up on camera it’s that faint. It’s strange how that’s the only brand showing anything for me as FRER are much more sensitive and were totally blank x

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chloeellen12 Sat 14-Nov-20 23:17:04

@BriocheBuns I done FRER’s and they came up negative too, even the same days I done the c&s and got positive!

The one with the question mark was the first one on the 8th and the second one was the 10th. It’s so frustrating not knowing isn’t it! sad x

beanchopper17 Sat 14-Nov-20 23:22:31

@chloeellen12 these tests take a lot of hcg to show lots of colour, this looks like good progression congrats!

chloeellen12 Sat 14-Nov-20 23:24:39

@beanchopper17 oh thank you, however every test since these has been negative so I’m not getting my hopes up just yet x

beanchopper17 Sat 14-Nov-20 23:29:56

@chloeellen12 sorry I didn't read your previous posts (I have now) false positives aren't as uncommon as people think, so it could be a possibility. What dpo are you now?

BriocheBuns Sat 14-Nov-20 23:43:56

@chloeellen12 - those are good lines, mines were not as strong and obvious as those. I had to really hold them in a certain light to see the second line and there was definitely colour to it. I used a few different boxes as they only have 3 tests each in them so can’t even put it down to a dodgy box. I don’t really know what to do except wait till AF which is due around 17th Nov x

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chloeellen12 Sun 15-Nov-20 07:41:40

@beanchopper17 that’s okay, I don’t track but according to the Flo app, I’m around 23dpo so I’d expect to see strong positives by now. confused

@BriocheBuns the waiting is awful isn’t it! I’m now 7 days late and no sign of AF arriving, I’m assuming I must have had a chemical pregnancy or an early miscarriage and am waiting for the aftermath of it. Keep me updated on how you get on, good luck! flowers x

PurpleIsTheColour Sun 15-Nov-20 07:48:47

Unfortunately there’s been a lot of false positive tests recently in MN on the strips so if your FRERs are negative I would assume that this is a bfn for you. xx
Depending on how you test with the strips (directly under wee flow or dipping) people get a lot of false bfp because if the test is a bit flooded the dye forms a very obvious pink evap line which in majority of cases is taken for a bfp but it’s not. Frer is a very sensitive test so I would trust it more than the strip ones. xx

beanchopper17 Sun 15-Nov-20 10:57:53

@chloeellen12 do you use ovulation strips? Apps are not accurate, they are only good if your cycles are 100% regular and even then it's not certain.

Ovulation strips, temp monitoring and ewcm are the best methods to track ovulation. I do ovulation strips and check ewcm, and then input that info to the app.

DressingGownofDoom Sun 15-Nov-20 11:01:15

If you didn't have positives on FRER I would take it that these are false positive/evap lines, sorry thanks

BriocheBuns Sun 15-Nov-20 14:24:12

@chloeellen12 - have u got any symptoms? I had cramps and sore boobs during my bfps. I haven’t tested since my negative FRERs with any test. Inclined to try a third brand tomorrow x

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chloeellen12 Sun 15-Nov-20 15:48:03

@BriocheBuns yes, I’ve been feeling sick, dizzy, hot, had nose bleeds, sore boobs and cramps, everything I had with my daughter. I would probably wait that extra day till Tuesday when you said your AF is due for a more reliable result?

@beanchopper17 no I don’t, I only had my daughter 8 months ago so we’re not really trying at the minute but I have come off the pill as it made me a lil crazy hmm so I guess anything could happen! I fell pregnant first cycle of the pill to have my daughter so you never know

Ellovera2 Sun 15-Nov-20 15:56:22

False positives are extremely rare. Unfortunately, the usual case is chemical pregnancy but as most women go on to have a normal 'period' they think it was a false positive.
I've had 2 chemicals and both times had faint positive on strip tests and coop own, but nothing on FRER. I also think as the FRER line is so thin it's hard to see a line as faint as what you can sometimes see on an IC.
With successful pregnancies, FRER picked it up sooner. Very strange! Different tests can test for different types of HCG, too.
Fingers crossed for a good outcome for you.

BriocheBuns Sun 15-Nov-20 16:37:46

@Ellovera2 - I agree, if my period comes it’ll be classed as a chemical, purely because I don’t believe I’d get false positives on 6 tests. All done over 3 days. This would be my 3rd Chemical this year and I’m so drained by the whole TTC and failing x

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Ellovera2 Sun 15-Nov-20 16:40:10

Oh bless you. I had a later MC and 2 chemicals over a year before this pregnancy. I found it extremely hard and thought I was a failure. I just thought it would never happen for me. There's not much I can say except be kind to yourself ❤️

BriocheBuns Sun 15-Nov-20 16:40:34

@chloeellen12 - I’d push the GP to do a blood test if your period doesn’t arrive in the week x

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BriocheBuns Sun 15-Nov-20 16:50:19

@Ellovera2 - aw so sorry to hear that, hope ur okay. I’m just becoming numb to it all. My first chemical floored me, second wasn’t so bad as I expected it and this one I’m just numb x

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LizzyB03 Sun 15-Nov-20 16:59:57

How are you doing now @BriocheBuns? I hope you get some answers soon!
I had a similar issue with tests being obviously BFP but not getting much darker and some brands BFN completely. For me I don’t think it’s worked out unfortunately (absolutely heartbroken), but I’d like to reassure you rather than be another negative post...I read SO many posts whilst in limbo like yourself and rest assured here’s what I’ve learned...

> there’s no such thing as a false positive a line means you ARE pregnant

> HPTs can only determine IF you are pregnant, not by how much. The all have different amount of dye/chemical in them so faint or dark is irrelevant.

> whilst lots of women see ‘progression’ this is only due to testing every 48 hours same time of day - the TINIEST thing can make a difference to the line...amount of water/liquid drank, different food, etc.

> interestingly, early on lots of women get stronger lines then weaker ones because they’ve not stopped drinking alcohol/coffee/tea etc yet and this massively concentrated the urine.

In short....if you had a positive test, of any brand and any shade of pink/ ARE pregnant. Don’t stress yourself (and your baby) by questioning the particulars. No one can control what happens, no matter how much we google! But I do hope that for you it all goes well. There’s every chance it might.

The beauty of Mumsnet is that there’s always someone there if you need a chat.

BriocheBuns Sun 15-Nov-20 18:05:28

@LizzyB03 - that was such a nice message, it really spoke to me so thank u.

I also don’t believe in false positives and believe any second line with colour is picking up HCG which can only be produced by pregnancy or a potential pregnancy in the making.

Ur words meant a lot in an uncertain time x

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BriocheBuns Mon 16-Nov-20 08:11:06

I wanted to update for anyone who is interested - started bleeding this morning after getting faint positives since 10 November. This is my 3rd chemical this year.

Any advice on where to go from here would be appreciated x

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chloeellen12 Mon 16-Nov-20 08:25:42

@BriocheBuns I have no advice but I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your losses.

My brother and his wife had 3 mc’s, failed IVF and then Johanna had a failed surgery on her womb, they gave up on the idea of having their own and started to looking into surrogacy, within months Johanna fell pregnant naturally and now they have the most amazing 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl. It does happen, sending you lots of luck smile

BriocheBuns Mon 16-Nov-20 16:52:06

@chloeellen12 - thanks hun. I just need to keep positive and not let this consume me.

How are u getting on x

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chloeellen12 Mon 16-Nov-20 16:59:48

@BriocheBuns I started bleeding today too, just after 10 so it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster day, which I’m sure it’s been the same for you too! We can’t let it consume us but we do have to allow ourselves to grieve and to heal though ❤️

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