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Kind advice needed....

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LizzyB03 Fri 13-Nov-20 14:49:09

I thought I’d had my BFP (several of them) and all was good. 4 positive FRER and two boots own brand over Tuesday/Wednesday.

But being the anxious person I am I’ve continued to test, and today had a very faint CB early and a negative Tesco. What is this?! I’m not bleeding or anything. Am I still pregnant?

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jazzibelle Fri 13-Nov-20 14:57:31

@LizzyB03 when is AF due? If you got your positives before, it could be a chemical I'm afraid.

If you're testing early, you might not have enough HCG to show on a CB digital yet (FRER are more sensitive).

If you're testing at different times of the day, you might have diluted your urine which is affecting the results. A FMU or even SMU will give you a stronger result than urine in the evening, especially if you've been drinking all day.

LizzyB03 Fri 13-Nov-20 15:15:58

@jazzibelle af was due on Tuesday so I’m 3 days late now and nothing but creamy cm.

The tests were on day af was due/day after. It doesn’t make any sense. Is it possible my urine is more diluted since I stopped drinking coffee when I got the BFP? I know that sounds daft, but I could drink several a day!

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jazzibelle Fri 13-Nov-20 16:28:34

@LizzyB03 if you're late, then I would expect a definite BFP (not faint) but remember everyone is different with regard to HCG levels.

If you can, I'd get yourself a pack of CB digitals and test with your FMU only. Try testing at the same time each day to maintain consistent results.

If the tests don't get darker or you get consistent negatives, then it looks like you might have had a chemical or you're about to have an impending MC.

I really hope it's just inconsistent pee though and things work out. Have everything crossed for you :-)

BriocheBuns Fri 13-Nov-20 16:34:46

I’d advise you to contact GP and have them check HCG levels via blood draw. They can guide u best on which direction this may be headed x

LizzyB03 Fri 13-Nov-20 17:25:27

Unfortunately the GP was particularly unhelpful. Just basically told me that this is the unfortunate peril of being able to test early and I’ll have to wait and see. She said take another test in a week, in the meantime I’d only need to seek medical care if in a lot of pain.
So I wait then. Easy peasy, right...!

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BriocheBuns Fri 13-Nov-20 17:55:19

That sucks! I’m currently awaiting my fate.

My story is I’ve had very very very faint bfps on internet cheapie strips since 10 November.

Spoke to the GP and explained that I think this could be heading the same direction as my last two early losses. Requested for HCG checks to put me out my misery as I’d rather know this will result in an unsuccessful pregnancy. Nothing worse than thinking ur pregnant and then seeing blood in the toilet, really floored me the last two times. GP has asked me to come in on Monday and will perform a urine pregnancy test and if it’s really faint will check my HCG.

Meanwhile I’m taking like 3 tests daily and they just won’t show much, put it this way I can’t even post a pic because the camera doesn’t pick the second line up.

I feel ur pain and it’s horrible that u have been expected to wait. It’s a helpless feeling x

LizzyB03 Fri 13-Nov-20 18:17:42

@BriocheBuns so sorry that you’re having to go through that. I certainly get it.
Hopefully good news for you next week.

My tests aren’t so faint that they won’t show on a pic, you’d see the second line at arms length. It’s just not getting darker like you’d think and was a little darker 2 days ago...maybe more concentrated sample? Who knows at this point.

Of course, I’ll definitely be testing with FMU tomorrow anyway because I cannot wait a week! 🤫

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Chica1990 Fri 13-Nov-20 20:56:17

This is so frustrating for me to even read! I know this is because the nhs is over subscribed and miscarriages are common but it just feels like they don’t see any point in taking you out of the horrible state of limbo you are in. Are you in a positive to pay for a private blood test?

LizzyB03 Sun 15-Nov-20 11:30:56

Update for anyone following - I started bleeding this morning. Took another FRER and sure enough the line is fainter than my previous ones so I think this is a chemical 😢 heartbroken.
Thanks so much everyone for taking time to respond to my thread.

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