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The dreaded TWW!

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 15:02:28

Anyone else in the dreaded tww?
I'm currently 2DPO. Would be nice to chat to others in the same waiting game to keep us sane!

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bluemagicalsky Wed 11-Nov-20 16:26:06

Hi @mommyofone2019 I am 3DPO trying for my first. I'm finding it very easy to get ahead of myself! My mind runs away with me thinking about different ways to tell my family. I must stay in touch with reality! The TWW seems like a very long time, I'm going to try and not test until I've actually missed AF but we'll see how that pans out! What was your experience like with your first? How long have you been trying for your second?

PurpleIsTheColour Wed 11-Nov-20 16:29:40

Me, I’m 6dpo today and this month I’ve already ordered a lot of tests so don’t think I’ll manage to not test until af. Been trying for almost a year now and had a mmc last year in July.
🤞 for some bfps this month xx
PS. I just hate the tww... 😂😂😂

bluemagicalsky Wed 11-Nov-20 16:36:24

@PurpleIsTheColour I'm so sorry about your mmc. I have everything crossed for you for this month! My first experience of the TWW and it is dragging already!

mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 17:32:04

Hey @bluemagicalsky 👋🏻
I took around 3 months TTC our 1st, so I consider myself really lucky that it happened that quickly after probably 10+ years on the pill!
We decided when our daughter was 1 in august that we would start trying for no2. So this is month 3 TTC for us! xx

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 17:33:42

Hey @PurpleIsTheColour 👋🏻
So sorry to hear about your mmc ❤️ I have my fingers crossed that you get that bfp this month!
Just awful isn't it the tww. Just seems to drag so badly!!

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Twinkle1989 Wed 11-Nov-20 17:47:14

❤️ I am 2DPO today too - this is the worst part now - the wait! But also where I try and stay positive 😭
AF is due 23/24th 😭🤞🏻 praying she doesn't make an appearance! Xx

mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:09:50

Hi @Twinkle1989 👋🏻
I'm 2DPO today too. Will be nice for us to have each other on here for moral support!

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:10:48

I definitely get ahead of myself too then have to bring myself back down to earth!
Thinking of baby names and all sorts 😂

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Furbabymum15 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:23:04

Hey all I'm 2dpo trying for no 1.... Had 3 miscarriages so fingers crossed xx

PurpleIsTheColour Wed 11-Nov-20 18:33:00

Fingers crossed for all of us that this is the month! 🤞🤞🤞
I go through months when I’m very patient and can’t be bothered with symptoms spotting, but there are also months like this one when I know right from the beginning that I’ll be testing every day and will look every test under my phone torch to be 100% sure I’m not missing a vvv faint line! 😂😂😂 tww is a real test for our sanity, isn’t it...

mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:40:05

Hi @Furbabymum15 👋🏻
Another 2DPO!
So sorry to hear about your previous miscarriages, fingers crossed for you this month ❤️

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:40:42

Haha @PurpleIsTheColour the light on your phone, glad I'm not the only one that's done that!!

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Purpleflowers21 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:05:28

Hi ladies!
I’m currently ttc number 1c , this is only my second month off the pill and ttc so not sure how my cycles are as haven’t been using OPKs or anything as I don’t want to become obsessed with it. According to my flo app I would be 2dpo but I’ve got a feeling I might have ovulated today as I have had some pains in my lower left side and also today is the first time I’ve noticed any EWCM.
Fingers crossed for us all this month is a lucky one! X

jennaxc Wed 11-Nov-20 19:08:04

Hi 👋🏼

I'm 8dpo today and month 4 TTC baby number 1.

I'm taking a combination of vitamins coq10, folic acid and Vital DHA.

I've already done 2 tests over the past few days but really trying to stop myself. I seam to have had 'symptoms' every month so not taking any notice of that any more!

So nice to speak to people in the same boat ☺️

S345 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:19:12

Hi all! I’ve been searching for a thread like this so hope you don’t mind me joining 😊 I am 2DPO and been ttc on and off for the last 5 months (we were due to get married earlier this year which then got postponed to October and now postponed to next year so that halted our ttc plans a little) we’ve now just made the decision to get on with ttc! Wishing everyone positive vibes for the month ✨

mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:20:55

Hi @Purpleflowers21 👋🏻
Another 2DPO! We are all in it together this month 💪🏻

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:22:57

Hi @jennaxc 👋🏻
It's definitely nice to have people to talk to, especially during the dreaded tww. We've all got this 💪🏻
8DPO is still early, your definitely not out. Maybe try again on 10DPO. That's when I got my bfp with my 1st xx

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:24:24

Hi @S345 👋🏻
Woohoo another 2DPO! There's a few of us on here now that's the same so lots of support in the tww!
So sorry to hear about the postponed wedding plans 🥺 xx

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mommyofone2019 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:28:23

Do you ladies use apps to track your ovulation?
I've been using glow again this time around x

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bluemagicalsky Wed 11-Nov-20 19:46:36

Loving that there are lots of us at a similar stage in our cycle. Here's hoping that the TWW flies by!

S345 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:48:13

@mummyofone2019 - Hello 👋🏻 yes all for the supporting one another, we are in this together ☺️ Aww thank you, I’m kind of over it now 😂 just want to get married don’t feel that bothered about having the big day now! We’ve decided we will go ahead with May next year even if there is still restrictions!

I also use Fermometer app to track mine, I’ve found it the simplest one to use personally. I also use CB ovulation tests, they are pricey but I think they are worth it. I only used one this month just to confirm I was at ‘peak fertility’ which was Sunday apparently, I always feel a bit skeptical! I came off the mini pill last August as just wasn’t getting on with it and whilst my periods come every month they are very light and mainly brown (sorry tmi!) I spoke to my Dr this week as just wanted to check it wasn’t anything to worry about which she said it wasn’t aslong as they were regular so just going with it! Xx

PurpleIsTheColour Wed 11-Nov-20 19:51:48

I use fertility friend-find it the best for inputting my bbt and rhr from the fitbit. Also use femometer-I love the intelligent recognition for the opks 💪

Purpleflowers21 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:58:39

@S345 we were ment to be getting married April 2021 and we’re planning on ttc after, but we’ve changed to May 2022 because if the restrictions so we’ve ttc straight away but if not successful in the next few months will stop and wait until after the wedding

S345 Wed 11-Nov-20 20:06:43

@Purpleflowers21that sounds like a good plan! Fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻

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