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TTC after MC - November 2020 (Thread 15)

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VP91x Wed 11-Nov-20 12:26:49

Hi All,

Please tag anyone from the old thread 🥰🥰

And anyone else who would like to join please do xx

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Firevie Wed 11-Nov-20 12:40:01

@aw thanks v much @VP91x and all the best. Will miss you. Xxx

SS123456 Wed 11-Nov-20 12:40:10

Just marking my spot 😊

DMT1982 Wed 11-Nov-20 12:48:20

I’m tagging myself as well 😁

MSG92 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:15:41

Thanks @VP91x

KM89 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:17:11

Hi everyone I haven't posted for a bit but im still obsessing blush. AF due soon . Thats if I get back into a normal cycle anyway . Premom has me down for due on Friday from my DPO, but also my first month tracking ovulation. Ive tried taking some cheap early pregnancy tests in the last few days but stark white. After reading the reviews tho im not sure if to cave and use a clearblue soon but they are apparently less sensitive.... as anyone ever had any issues with one step tests from amazon? . I just want to know either way really, if AF shows my plan is to treat myself to all my favourite alcohol 🍸. Does anyone else have a coping mechanism for when she arrives ? X

MoMof4xx Wed 11-Nov-20 13:23:01

Thanks @VP91x

Lollol86 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:48:10

Thanks for the new threat @VP91x xx

MSG92 Wed 11-Nov-20 14:24:38

Hi @KM89 I don't know if you saw on the last thread yesterday but I took an ovulation test first as I didn't want to waste a pregnancy test, it was only when that came back very strong when I am nowhere near ovulation that I took the pregnancy test.

Coping- I wallowed in self pity haha, bubble bath, chocolate, takeaway and a bottle of wine, had a good cry or whatever in the bath and let it all out then tbh I felt better once I'd let myself feel sorry for myself! See AF as the start of a new cycle which is another chance to TTC!

KM89 Wed 11-Nov-20 14:48:07

@MSG92 thank you. Ive heard about ovulation strips picking it up but never thought to try it myself . I might give that a go tonight smile

I think the wait is the worst part but once she shows up I will wallow in self pity for a day or 2 and then get back to it grin. I think I'm getting to know my body better in the meantime so trying to focus on that as a positive.
I just think lockdown has made it harder I normally distracted myself /destressed with the gym or a nice relaxed yoga class. Not having that has hit me hard and i have no motivation to do it at home with the way im feeling.

Hopefully af turns up ASAP(or a positive test 🙏) so I can pull myself together ❤

Pugprincess Wed 11-Nov-20 17:07:30

Hi just marking my place on the new thread ❤️ Thank you @VP91x

familybythesea Wed 11-Nov-20 17:23:53

Just marking my place smile

Runnergirl1 Wed 11-Nov-20 17:27:46

@VP91x thank you. Best wishes my lovely with your journey x

susiebluebell Wed 11-Nov-20 17:40:47

Just piping up on the new thread! Thanks VP and hope to see you again sometime, with good news.

@KM89 It's hard isn't it, especially with lockdown removing a lot of the normal options. I've sworn to myself not to test before AF is overdue - I don't want the heartache or confusion. It's the hardest thing to say but you might just have to sit tight and wait and see 💕

KM89 Wed 11-Nov-20 17:53:38

@susiebluebell I think I've learnt my lesson on just just waiting for AF after this past month of complete obsession tbh. Im pretty sure she will be here by the weekend. Ive never tested early before but i did the mistake of joining a Facebook page for the ovulation tests im using and so so many people test super early it just got in my head this time round.... angry

I know i will be more relaxed next month because I know if I don't get pregnant I can at least enjoy all the festive cheese and wine haha thlgrin

WatermelonSugar10 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:03:42

@KM89 I am so scared to ever test early, I always try and sit it out. But I hear you for the cheese at xmas!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on ovulation kits? I use the CB digital and normally (last two months I have tried) it starts picking up about 6 days before I ovulate, this month I am now on day 11 and it is still saying low. Has anyone else experienced this or is it quite normal and I just need to be patient? Maybe I did ovulate super early and I missed it?

Bellabubble Wed 11-Nov-20 18:13:27

@happyvibes Thank you - I’m definitely going to try the Dr’s to see what they say - but just incase they tell me I have to wait for a dreaded third in a row I’m forming a back up plan! (I so hope not - I haven’t been ttc long in the grand scheme of things, but if it’s another 7 months to have a thrid mmc, I’ll be so mad that someone didn’t see me sooner!) Part of me thinks they’ll be ok woth it, as I’m not asking for fertility tests as such, it’s more just blood tests I think?

@SS123456 thank you - medichecks kept coming up high on the google search, so I think i’ll go with them seeing as two of you hsve found them tk be good smile

Sallyjo27 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:22:14

@VP91x thank you, sending you lots of love x

Hi ladies currently 4dpo. Wishing the TWW will hurry up! Feels like it’s dragging.

Just giving an update- after my 3rd miscarriage in July I was referred to the gynaecology department in my local hospital but of course due to covid there’s an 11 month waiting list. So we decided to go private. I’ve had all blood clotting and immune antibodies blood tests, thyroid, progesterone and AMH test all come back normal. I’ve had an ultrasound scan and all was good and DH has had a sperm analysis come back normal too. I’m glad there’s nothing wrong but have this nagging feeling that we still haven’t found any answers to why I’ve had 3 losses. I’ve been given a prescription for progesterone by my private consultant when I do get pregnant again and been told to take aspirin but I’m absolutely terrified of having another miscarriage 😩 x

SS123456 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:29:04

@Bellabubble the first test I did with them I went for the finger prick option which I didn't get on very well with but you may be fine. I did manage to do it but it took the best part of an hour and I ended up with everyone of my fingers being bruised from the pricking devices 🙈. The second one I chose to pay £30 extra and that let me go for a 'normal' blood test with a nurse at a superdrug chemist store which I found much better

Bellabubble Wed 11-Nov-20 18:43:23

@Sallyjo27 I’m so sorry to hear you had 3 in a row sad each one robs a bit more enjoyment off the next pregnancy doesn’t it! I have been reading up on this quite a bit at the moment as I’m just going through my second mmc (I’m 36 so worried age could be playing a part) The miscarriage association have a page that said most women who have had 3 in a row get no answers as to why, but then also go on to have a healthy pregnancy for the fourth. I read further and they said they don’t have evidence/findings to explain why that is the case, it hudt is. I can’t help it though, I tend to go to worse case scenario so am already thinking the worst of things.

Sallyjo27 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:46:59

@Bellabubble it definitely does! I’m so sorry! How are you?? Yeah there are 1000s of positive stories that I’ve read and often there is no answers or reasons for the losses but I do find that hard to deal with. I go to the worst case scenario too! I think it’s a coping mechanism to be honest. We’ve decided that if the next pregnancy doesn’t end well then that’s it for us. I couldn’t go through another miscarriage again emotionally 😩 it’s just heartbreaking and so hard to scrape yourself off the floor each time x

Wishingfornumber2 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:08:24

Hi all, just marking my place. Thank you @VP91x for doing the new thread. I really hope you get some good news soon.

Update from me, all my tests have come back ok and DH’s test results came back as normal yesterday so I don’t know what the next step is really. I guess I will contact my gp if I have another unsuccessful month this month and see what they suggest next. X

Tink20058 Wed 11-Nov-20 20:29:09

@VP91x Thankyou hopefully and take really good care of yourself and Bella ❤️❤️❤️ Xxx

2020wish Wed 11-Nov-20 21:37:49

@VP91x thanks for the new thread. I’m still lurking following ur updates!! Best of luck to you .

Hope everyone else is doing good. How’s all the originals doing???

Bellabubble Wed 11-Nov-20 21:41:01

@Sallyjo27 I’m doing ok - I think my main emotions are frustration and anger, I still underneath it all have a deep beliefe that oh and I will get there in the end, but I’m pretty pissed about the journey we’re having to take!! The lady doing my scan (we went for an early private one) was a trained midwife, and she said a B12 deficiency has been linked to recurrent miscarriages too - so I thought I might get one of those tests done!

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