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TTC after a Missed Miscarriage

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Mustkeepgoing2 Wed 11-Nov-20 10:16:07


I was wondering if anyone wanted to join me in TTC again.

I suffered a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks in October and was completely devastated. I did opt for the surgery but because of the wait time miscarried naturally before my scheduled surgery.

My cycle returned 29 days after my miscarriage bleed and I am now on my period. I am now three days into my first cycle and we are thus going to start TTC again now. Hopefully it won't take long.

The purpose of this thread is for support and to share experiences along the way of TTC again after loss.

I hope there might be other ladies who might want to join me who are at the same or similar stage as me and are TTC again. It can be such a difficult and confusing time xxx

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EclipseHart Wed 11-Nov-20 12:28:35

Hi there,

I am so very sorry for your loss, it is a huge blow and can take a long time to come back from.

I had a MMC in early September at 9 weeks and I still have a little cry when I think about it.

I had a normal cycle post MMC, but then a very short cycle the next month. I am now on cycle 3 post MC and I have seemingly ovulated a few days earlier than usual. 9dpo now and tested BFN on a test.

Not holding out much hope for this month as we suffer infertility and were lucky to get pregnant with the MMC!

I hope this cycle goes well for you xx

Mustkeepgoing2 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:18:28

Thank you. I hope this cycle goes well for you too.

Please do let me know how you get on. I will be keeping everything crossed.

This will be my 1st true cycle back and my period is much heavier than it would normally be but I hear that's normal.

I have found it all very hard in all honesty. I have one healthy toddler who I conceived easily but when TTC no 2 I also had an ectopic in June so when I found out that I was pregnant again and it was in the right place it felt brilliant and it hit me hard realising it was a MMC at 10 weeks.


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TTCROYGBIV Wed 11-Nov-20 13:23:29

I’ll join you.

MMC in May, had medical management in May, surgical in June and surgical again in July. AF finally appeared 18 weeks later on Sunday just gone so on CD4 today.

Will be starting to use my Ovusense which arrived last week so hopefully that will take the stress and routine out of trying as was trying for 10 months before the mc.

Mustkeepgoing2 Wed 11-Nov-20 14:08:38

Welcome and I am sorry for your loss. I am CD3 xx

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leftitlate37 Wed 11-Nov-20 15:25:58

hello, can I join you guys? sorry to hear of your losses sad
still early days for us so maybe jumping gun but be nice to join you in this. had a MMC at end of oct, took a pregnancy test yesterday which was sitll v faint. (so weird being so annoyed with a line!)
only been couple weeks since miscarried naturally so still waiting for a period...whenever that may come.
How long did u guys wait for a negative pregnancy test?

TTCROYGBIV Thu 12-Nov-20 07:32:11

Hi @leftitlate37 I got my negative 6 days after my second op.

You can still ovulate with HCG in your system though as it happened to me. My tests got darker and they queried a new pregnancy.

Do you have a pic of your recent test? X

Mustkeepgoing2 Thu 12-Nov-20 08:15:44

@leftitlate37 When I started bleeding my HCG was almost 5000 and had dropped to 1000 two days later. I then had another blood test 17 days from the first day of bleeding and it was 12.
I think I bleed and stopped for two weeks in total.

My HCG was therefore 12 on CD 17, when I was no longer spotting, and I know I ovulated on CD 20 so like @TTCROYGBIV said you can ovulate quickly afterwards.

I was hoping I would conceive that ovulation but no such luck! Hopefully this one.


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Mustkeepgoing2 Thu 12-Nov-20 08:19:24

*I meant bleed and spotted for two weeks in total

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Chanel05 Thu 12-Nov-20 08:40:26

I am sorry to hear of your mmcs. I had a mmc in April last year and I fell pregnant again in December. My dd is 8 weeks old today and is sleeping soundly on my lap. I hope this gives you some hope that you can have a successful pregnancy after a mmc thanks

Mustkeepgoing2 Thu 12-Nov-20 20:50:11

Thank you @Chanel05 and congratulations. This is lovely news and does give hope xxx

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sakuramiyagi Thu 12-Nov-20 20:57:36

Can I join please?

I'm so sorry you are all having to go through this, it really is horrendous.

I was diagnosed with a MMC at 10 weeks. Had medical management which failed and then had to have emergency management. I'm 3 weeks post the latter and still getting positive pregnancy tests, so a bit confused as to whether I should go to GP or wait things out. They really don't give you any useful information when going through this!

RichmondLady1981 Thu 12-Nov-20 21:26:53

I'm so sorry for you all.

I was diagnosed with a MMC at my 12 week scan back in July. Had medical management which was successful. Had my period 29 days later. Couldn’t face trying for first cycle but then got back onto it. This is my fourth cycle of trying again. 8DPO now and due AF on Monday. Let’s see.

I’ve found my hormones are a bit all over the place as I’ve had spots during ovulation and for AF which I never really had before. My ovulation is now a bit later than it was previously.

Hoping your bodies start to get back to normal soon. There are so many success stories for TTC post miscarriage on the ‘TTC after miscarriage.. ‘it’s now on thread 15. I’d highly recommend joining that one. 👍. So many lovely ladies. There’s just been a huge burst of BFPs. Such a wealth of information too.

TTCROYGBIV Thu 12-Nov-20 22:23:19

@sakuramiyagi sorry for your loss.

If you are still getting positive results 3 weeks later you need to call EPU for a re scan as there might still be some retained products. That’s what happened to me and I had to have surgery again. You need to be checked as the longer it goes on the chance of infection increases and I can say infections of the womb are incredibly painful. Xx

pixienewbie Thu 12-Nov-20 22:30:21

I’ll join too, please. I had MMC towards the end of September, medical management failed so had surgical management in October. AF arrived today- 30 days since surgery.
I already have a toddler who will be 2 soon and was really hoping to have a small age gap.

sakuramiyagi Fri 13-Nov-20 15:22:57

@TTCROYGBIV Thank you for the advice, I've been swithering as to whether it was normal or not. I definitely needed another persons perspective.

Called the EPU today and they have asked me to go back in on Tuesday for blood tests and another scan. I just want this all over! sad

KeepSmiling89 Fri 13-Nov-20 16:27:47

I'll join here! DH and I found out at 12 week scan on 29th September that baby stopped growing at around 7 weeks. Had medical management and passed everything within a week or so.
Pretty sure I just had my first period from Sunday-Wednesday so we're both ready to try again.
Having bloods done on Monday to check hormone levels as a 2nd line appeared on my pregnancy test 4 weeks post MMC. However, it only showed up after 10 minutes so don't think it was valid (test said to only wait 3 minutes).

Baby dust to all!

Mustkeepgoing2 Fri 13-Nov-20 16:28:13

I completely understand wanting it all over. It does get easier but the wait to miscarry and for your levels to go back to normal is such an additional cruelty and felt like such a horrible waiting game.

Sadly the innocence of taking a pregnancy test and the excitement relating to it will never be the same again. Maybe I was naive but it was always something I thought happened to other people.

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Mustkeepgoing2 Fri 13-Nov-20 16:29:10

Does anyone take their BBT I never have but wonder if I should start. If so what thermometer do you use/can recommend xx

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pixienewbie Fri 13-Nov-20 16:31:05

@KeepSmiling89 If you don’t mind me asking, how was your first period? I was told to expect a horror show but mine started two days ago and is quite light.

pixienewbie Fri 13-Nov-20 16:33:39

@Mustkeepgoing2 I totally agree with you as I also felt that a miscarriage wouldn’t happened to me. I’m excited about the prospect of getting pregnant again but also worried that if/when it happens it’s just going to be the worst anxiety-ridden 9 months.

nizo1245 Fri 13-Nov-20 17:29:43

Can I please join?
Had a MC in April at 12 weeks and have been trying ever since.

AF came today. I'm really starting to feel like it'll never happen for us.
We had been trying for 8 months the first time around, and didn't expect to be almost at the end of the year now with nothing to show for it.

Anyone else get to the point where they're completely disheartened like this?

I feel like feeling down about it will affect my chances, but I'm struggling to switch off my negativity.

KeepSmiling89 Fri 13-Nov-20 17:39:28

@pixienewbie Hi there. It was alright actually. Before I got pregnant I'd been off the pill for a few months so I think my body was still adjusting to not being on the pill.
This period was fine, just a couple of days longer than before I was pregnant.

Everyone us different though...I was worried after hearing horror stories of first periods. I was also worried about when my period would come but it was just over 4 weeks after everything passed.

pixienewbie Fri 13-Nov-20 18:06:30

@KeepSmiling89 Thanks- that’s reassuring. It’s just over 4 weeks for me too. It’s good to feel like my body is getting back to normal.

RichmondLady1981 Fri 13-Nov-20 19:54:42

@pixienewbie don’t worry- my first period came within 29 days and it wasn’t a horror show at all. It was just a bit weird. More like sludgy than blood. Sorry that’s gross. But it wasn’t bad at all so try to stay calm.

@nizo1245 I know how you feel. It’s been 5 full cycles (some very long!) and 4 cycles of ‘trying’ since my mmc in June. I’m due AF on Monday and it gets worse and worse doesn’t it. I’m sorry AF came today. Hope many days are your cycles?

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