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"Its been 84 years - anyone in the tww part 3"

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Annny27 Tue 10-Nov-20 14:26:48

Hey girls, who'd have thought we would need another thread!

We welcome other long standers as we have all been ttc for quite while! (All of us about 18 months +)

With the greatest respect, if you are new to ttc, this isn't the thread for you as we are all angry and hormonal 😂😂


Bfps who like to keep up:

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Annny27 Tue 10-Nov-20 14:58:18

Here if you can see it @missgoldilocks

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Missgoldilocks Tue 10-Nov-20 15:03:16

Thank you! @anny27 it wouldn't let me follow the tag link, for some reason my phone won't go on the mums net website 😬 it always says error but from the tag I got the title and found it haha. Yes we are a hormonal bunch and we don't want to see "been trying to conceive for 2 weeks do you think this is positive" attaches darkest positive line pregnancy test possible loooool :/

dogmam Tue 10-Nov-20 15:03:57

Hi! LOL at the title, bloody feels like it doesn't it?! I'm on month 14 of ttc. Went to the GP last month, 21 day bloods came back fine, my other halfs SA wasn't so have been referred to the fertility clinic and waiting to hear something from them.

I'm 8 dpo but not sure what to think of our chances because of the SA results.

Missgoldilocks Tue 10-Nov-20 15:11:23

Hi @dogmam welcome smile it would be nice to have a few more people on our thread now lol so happy to see new names! Do you know the actual results you got for his SA? Depending on how severe it is, you could still get pregnant but it could take longer than average. X

Annny27 Tue 10-Nov-20 15:12:48

Hi @dogmam and welcome! We started trying in June 2019, conceived after 4 months but miscarried last November and now am onto cycle 12 since the miscarriage but cycle 18 overall! All my tests have come back fine so far too :S frustrating! My OH has low morphology but the fertility consultant said it shouldn't prevent conception but obviously might take a bit more time than most!

@missgoldilocks haha I used to be one of those excited first month ttc'ers but I knew the etiquette of not showing off to long timers like us 😂😂

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dogmam Tue 10-Nov-20 16:21:00

@annny27 oh man I bet that is so frustrating that you concieved relatively quickly and now nothing for so long (sorry it ended in a loss and hope you're ok especially with November rolling around again!). Ah right, so what were your other halfs morphology results? Good to know you can still concieve naturally.

@missgoldilocks well if you could interpret the SA results for me that would be fab because the GP was worse than useless!! She actually told us everything came back fine with his results, it was only by chance I asked for a copy of the results to be emailed to us so I could have a neb, that I noticed they weren't quite right.
Volume: 4.7ml
PH: 7.5
Progressive motility: 10%
Non-Progressive motility: 5%
Immotility: 85%
Concentration: 24
No of sperm: 113 mil
Normal Forms: 3%

Think both motility and morphology are a problem?

How old are you girls and do you already have kids? I'm 30 and trying for our first. It's such a shite situation that we are all in! I'm literally obsessed, I can't stop thinking about it!

EclipseHart Tue 10-Nov-20 16:40:14

Hi ladies,

Hoping I can join?

8dpo on cycle 3 after a MMC at 9 weeks in September sad

The MMC followed 2 years of TTC after our IVF daughter was born. We tried 2 years before that so 4 years infertility in total.

We have male factor infertility (morphology issues) and so the MMC pregnancy was such a wonderful surprise at first. Hoping we can get lucky and catch naturally again 🤞

Annny27 Tue 10-Nov-20 16:58:05

@dogmam my husbands was 2% morphology and it should be 4% and also his concentration was 13 mil and overall 58 mil so slightly lowsperm count as well!

Yeah it looks like your motility is the main problem. Have you out him on loose boxers and vitamins?

I am 28 (nearly 29....) and ttc number 1 smile

@eclipsehart sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I had one last year at 12 weeks and it was horrific sad we have low morphology too and I am starting to think IVF will be out outcome even though I dont really want to put myself through it if we don't have to sad

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Missgoldilocks Tue 10-Nov-20 17:19:01

@dogmam the great thing is that there is a high count, I'm no doctor, but yes @anny27 is right about diet etc, diet and lifestyle changes can can create better sperm results but it can take some time. I think new sperm are made every 3 months. Realistically they need to test your partner as to why his sperm is like that, like underlying health issues or an injury when he was younger or something. That's what they did with my sisters husband, but his was very very low sperm count like 8mill or something, I don't recall what his morphology and things like that were.
I'm 28, I have a 9 year old son from a past relationship, I'm currently waiting to have a Laparoscopy done at the end of the month to see if there are issues inside as to why I'm not getting pregnant. Had all other tests done and all is clear lol. My doc wants to see if their are adhesions as I'm high risk due to c section, copper coil, termination etc. So hopefully they find some scarring and take it out and then I'll be able to have a baby😍 lol

Missgoldilocks Tue 10-Nov-20 17:20:48

@eclipseheart so sorry to hear about your journey my lovely, it is very all consuming and heart breaking all in one! No one gets it until you're on it! We are supportive ladies here so of course you can join, would love to be apart of your journey smile there's so much support here, this thread is closest to my heart these girls are wonderful x

EclipseHart Tue 10-Nov-20 17:24:58

@Annny27 sorry to hear you suffer from similar issues. If it is any help at all, I was worried about IVF too but it wasn't nearly as bad as the years of ttc before it. I felt like we finally had a chance and that gave us purpose.
We were so lucky to have it work first time.

We are giving natural ttc a go until next summer, if no luck, then we will return to IVF (I have a feeling IVF will be where we end up again)

EclipseHart Tue 10-Nov-20 17:27:00

Thanks so much @Missgoldilocks
You are so right, it is such a difficult and lonely road. I really hope that your laparoscopy reveals some answers for you! flowers

Annny27 Wed 11-Nov-20 08:25:12

@eclipsehart yes that's so true, a few weeks of injections and hormones will be worth it if we get a baby in the end!

Do you have a clinic in mind to do IVF?

@missgoldilocks when is your procedure and is it NHS?

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Missgoldilocks Wed 11-Nov-20 09:12:56

@anny27 yes it's NHS and its on the 25th November smile I have to go there 3 days before to get checked if I have covid then self isolate

Annny27 Wed 11-Nov-20 09:19:25

@missgoldilocks I am going to ask if I can have one too because I had a D&C after the miscarriage and seems weird that we conceived within 4 months before and now nothing for 11 months! I will wait ubtill next cycle and then I will be asking or paying private

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Laur89 Wed 11-Nov-20 10:49:35

Thank you for tagging me @Annny27! I've got my fingers crossed for you girls, you all deserve it so much! 😘

EclipseHart Wed 11-Nov-20 12:11:59

@Annny27 since our only issues are male factor, we are looking at the abc clinic. However we didn't retrieve many eggs at all during our last IVF and abc only do mild stimulation. If they are unwilling to increase on the stims I have had before then we will look to Care Fertility instead.

9 dpo today, had loads of IC tests arrive yesterday so I can test whenever the mood strikes! Also have some first responses but I am trying to wait until I can see a line on the IC. No line this morning sad

dogmam Wed 11-Nov-20 13:18:26

@missgoldilocks @annny27 thanks ladies, hopefully his results improve over time. What vitamins do you recommend or does your other halfs take? I've heard zinc and Coq10 is supposed to be good?

Are you getting your investigations and tests done through your gp or through the fertility clinic? I was pleased we got referred so quickly (straight after SA and 21 day bloods) but now thinking I would have liked some more tests rather than waiting ages just for an initial appointment with the clinic.

@eclipsehart I'm 9dpo too and also just got a stash of cheap tests so know how you feel! Fingers crossed for tomorrow's test for you.

PrettyTulip Wed 11-Nov-20 20:05:18

I'm hereeeeeee!! Placemarking 🌟

TTC #1 since January 2019 🧘‍♀️

Annny27 Thu 12-Nov-20 09:06:13

@eclipsehart any line this morning? 🤞 what were your husbands analysis results do you remember? Mine has 2% morphology and 13 mil concentration, 59 mil overall. Motility was fine.
The fertility nurse didn't seem too concerned about his results but from what I have read, that is a morphology issue

@dogmam my DH takes wellman conception which includes those ingredients. We also have him eating a bit better in general, making sure he has lots of fruit and veg daily! And we have started exercising again (he is pretty fit but used to do a lot more exercise before wfh and lockdown)

We had our initial blood tests and SA through GP and then got quickly referred and had my next sets of bloods and ultrasound from the clinic. Thats our initial tests done and they want to se eus again in Feb if we haven't conceived.

@PrettyTulip glad you found us hun 💗💗💗

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Missgoldilocks Thu 12-Nov-20 09:31:27

@dogmam yeah I'd definitely suggest coq10 and zinc, vitamin c as well. Fertility doctors think it's a load of crap though, perhaps because your body doesn't really absorb the vitamins properly through pill form? I don't know, but my sister is going through ivf at the minute and she went to the best clinic in Australia, the fertility doc there says nothing is scientifically proven except folic acid. Lol but I still like to think that every little helps. Obviously if your partner can eat green vegetables everyday at 2 meals (spinach broccoli kale) I'm sure that will help loads. My partner has a supergreen powder that he takes with water at lunch time. He does that because he's pretty healthy not for fertility as he never had issuwa with his sperm results lol maybe the buck lies with me 😂 x

EclipseHart Thu 12-Nov-20 12:32:29

@dogmam fingers crossed for you this morning. I caved and used a FRER last night 🤦‍♀️ bfn of course

@Annny27 My husband had 0.5% morphology but all other counts were within normal range. This increased to 2% just before IVF. It worked first time for us and we didn't need ICSI that time. Although I would be keen to have ICSI over IVF in the future.

10dpo and BFN on IC this morning. So deflated 😔

Annny27 Fri 13-Nov-20 05:18:20

Period arrived early this morning (cramps woke me up so just taking a painkiller and it will hopefully kick in within half hour!). Hate it when it starts at night, luckily I put a pad on last night as I felt like it was coming

@EclipseHart sorry about bfn sad its heartbreaking isn't it!

Thats promissing that your DHs sperm improved before ivf - was there any supplements you had him on?

Yep I think I,'d want icsi to improve our chances!

@Missgoldilocks thats so coincidental that both you are your sister are going through infertility! Must be nice to have eavhother for support!

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Grumpsy Fri 13-Nov-20 07:01:09

Can I join you all here, actively ttc for about 3 years.

We’ve had all tests, and mine are all normal, but oh has low motility. We’ve decided we’re going for ivf next year if we don’t have any good news before then 🙈

Currently coming to the end of my 2ww, tested on 10dpo (obviously negative) refusing to pee on any more sticks until af is actually late 🙈

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