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TTC - 11DPO (Sorry tmi & long story)

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Flossy1982 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:40:38

Hi All,
This is my first time posting but I’m constantly reading others experiences.
We stopped contraception over 2 years ago but made no effort to actively try to conceive and our 15 year relationship is way past the honeymoon stage 😂 I am very regular so had an idea when I ovulated but made no effort lol.
As time is ticking I bought some ovulation sticks and said to hubby we must make an effort but before the packet was even open I got a BFP on a pregnancy test because everything was smelling strong.
I hadn’t been taking any vitimins so immediately started pregnacare.
Sadly I had brown discharge on & off from the start and after numerous prodding and poking I had a miscarriage - I was around 7 weeks. That was July. That was our first.
We were told we could start trying straight away so I started my conception pregnacare and ovulation sticks and full of optimism we started again. Only August & September at 9dpo I’ve had terrible spotting all the way until I get full flow at 15dpo along with cramps, sore boobs, nausea - the lot. Ive always had 3 days spotting prior to period but not 6/7 and started to worry I had a hormone imbalance following the miscarriage- although i ovulated bang on schedule and full flow band on 28 days. I decided to stop pregnacare and now taken seven seas and I already feel better. I’m 11DPO and no spotting so straight away that’s an improvement on the last two months. However I’m now thinking I might be pregnant 😂 so just did a first response early response - BFN
Due on Friday so really early to test but any thoughts? Or similar experiences?

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Curiosity101 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:50:07

I don't know what it is about Pregnacare conception but a lot of people have issues on it. Glad to hear your new one is suiting you better 🙂.

How did you confirm ovulation this month?

Flossy1982 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:55:16

Just using the standard ovulation sticks - I generally can tell change to CM though. I’ve got a strong positive on day 11 the last 3 months and when we conceived we only dtd on day 12 of that month so I’m pretty sure I ovulate on day 12 but I still keep doing them

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Curiosity101 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:02:00

OPKs only confirm the LH surge so technically only that your body will attempt to ovulate. So there's always a small chance it fails and then your body will normally try again a couple of days later.

However if we assume you did ovulate and that you are 11DPO then it is still possible you're seeing a false negative. Statistically most people who go on to get a BFP have gotten it by 12DPO so I'd be tempted to retest either tomorrow or Wednesday and see what the result is.

Good luck!

Flossy1982 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:05:04

Really @curiosity101 Shows my ignorance. I didn’t realise that. I thought if you had the surge, change to CM and you have a regular period then you ovulated?

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Curiosity101 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:13:08

Unfortunately no, all of those things make it likely you ovulated at the end of the LH surge but nothing is guaranteed. As far as I know if you track your BBT accurately or have a progesterone blood test then you can be sure of ovulation, everything else is just an indicator.

I'm not suggesting that you didn't ovulate. If you are regular, had an LH surge and had your normal fertile CM then it seems very likely you did. I just thought I'd mention it as sometimes it's the explanation for late BFPs 🙂

Flossy1982 Mon 02-Nov-20 14:18:58

Thank you, that’s really interesting. I did vow that I wouldn’t test early this month but I actually enjoy doing it and not suffering too bad with the negatives yet - if that happens I’ll stop. I might wait until Wednesday to test again though

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