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Advice please! - driving my self mad

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sophiemelissa Sun 01-Nov-20 14:03:19

Hello ladies!

I came off the pill on the 1/10 and had my withdrawal bleed between the 5/10 - 10/10.

I had EWCM on 20th and 21st and we had sex on the 20th (I’m aware ovulation could be a couple of days after this)??

I did a test a couple of days ago but it was negative - I assume it was too early? Or maybe it was just that I’m not pregnant.

my question is, would you do another test? If so, based on the dates above, when would I likely receive a positive test if I am?

I am driving myself bonkers!

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Meme69 Sun 01-Nov-20 14:42:16

I'd tell you to just wait, but personally I'm a POAS addict so know how it feels to want to test. Good luck, you still have time to get a BFP, and coming off the pill totally messes up your cycle. Lots of people have very long cycles after coming off the pill.

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