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Negative test 6dpo

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dippyegg32 Sun 01-Nov-20 12:07:41

I know, I know, shouldn't have tested, prat! But now I've caved I've got a negative feeling. No symptoms at all, nada. I need some serious talking to in order to refrain from testing again until at least Thursday hmm. Anyone else testing then too that I can handhold with?

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dobzyj Sun 01-Nov-20 12:14:26

Well I'm 15dpo, held out til then. tested yesterday as a day late (ish) and got BFN. Still no AF so now Im Confused and don't know if to test again or just wait!
If you don't implant til day 9 onwards then you'll just keep getting BFN til then.... stay strong xx

Liloulou Sun 01-Nov-20 14:21:45

This is our first month TTC ever, so it’s all a bit new for me. Took my first ever pregnancy test yesterday at about 8/9 dpo. I knew it was likely far too early but got a bunch of cheap strips from B&M. No line so far but aware I’m testing very early and it’s only our first month. These things take time so trying not to stress about anything and just see what happens. I tested again this morning just out of curiosity, still BFN. I’ll be testing again in next few days closer to arrival of AF - due on Friday.

Foxl2222 Sun 01-Nov-20 14:39:18

Hey @dippyegg32 ! I've literally done exactly the same thing 🙈 tested this morning, 6dpo. AF not due for another 9 days!! Crazzzy, but the urge was too hard to fight. What's worse is I didn't tell OH as he would think I'm mad. Got to refrain until Thursday/Friday as that's when we said we would test, i'd feel so guilty if I tested and had a bfp without him there, but will take some will power not to test like every day until then😭 ps. This is first month trying and don't have any children so I'm completely new on this roller coaster! Hoping the obsessiveness begins to fade 🙈
Did you use a frer test?

AMS19 Sun 01-Nov-20 18:30:05

Hi @dippyegg32 I'm also 6DPO. Trying really hard to hold off another 10 days until AF is late but driving myself mad symptom spotting 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

dippyegg32 Sun 01-Nov-20 18:34:22

My period is due on Saturday, 25 day cycles. I've got a stash of amazon cheapies in the bathroom. I'm going to try and hold out until Thursday confused

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Bouncytree Sun 01-Nov-20 18:54:40

@dippyegg32 we all do it when we know we shouldn’t! 🤦‍♀️ And then the BFN is a kick in the guts. I’m 7 days dpo, due to have AF on wed and holding off till then...if I can! I was all psyched to be cool calm and collected this month! Got cramps like AF since yesterday, convinced myself it was AF showing early and definitely not PG. today I’ve been feeling disgustingly nauseous and now I am sooooo tempted to test!

We can all try hold out together! But no promises 🤣🤷‍♀️😝

AMS19 Sun 01-Nov-20 18:57:01

@dippyegg32 @Bouncytree I'm trying to hold out for another 10 days. But I think I'm going to struggle. AF due Wednesday 11th so still ages away 😭😭

Thinkingahead8 Sun 01-Nov-20 19:03:33

Hi @dippyegg32 I’m 5dpo with AF due wed 11th. Feeling quite negative about this month although it is really early!

Trying to hold off as long as possible!

xK1991x Sun 01-Nov-20 19:09:47

Ive just done the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️ 6dpo on our first month ttc. Need to hold out until Thursday at least but I keep googling pictures of positive tests 6/7dpo. Got some frer tests coming in the post tomorrow. Good luck ladies! 🙌🏻

dippyegg32 Sun 01-Nov-20 19:17:43

Ah fellow nutters grin I'm going to test Thursday/Friday which will be 10/11 dpo... she says!

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Foxl2222 Sun 01-Nov-20 19:31:02

Amazing how many people in the same boat! Here's hoping we are all successful in holding off testing til end of the week!
@xK1991x - after reading a few different threads here today I also ordered some FRER arriving tomorrow 🙈
Good luck everyone x

Sweetk0987poiu Mon 02-Nov-20 02:38:17

You could be like me and tested 2dpo 🤣 I don’t trust my app anymore though I think I might of ovulated earlier or I’m just a complete nut case at this point lol. It was my last test from the previous month so I have to wait a couple of days for the new batch to come which will do me good and then I can test 3 times a day until af haha

Plm28 Mon 02-Nov-20 03:36:15

Im 6dpo! Haven’t tested yet. 😬

Thinkingahead8 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:41:36

6dpo and I’m phantom symptom spotting like mad!! Feeling a lot of ‘heavy’ pms type cramps today.

DS was a surprise pregnancy so none of the planning last time. Need to keep distracted!

Plm28 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:13:45

When are people testing 😬

Bouncytree Mon 02-Nov-20 20:27:01

Lol @Sweetk0987poiu 🤣 I’ve been there too 😝

@Plm28 I’m testing wed. Had cramps yesterday 😳 but trying to hold off those itchy test fingers!!

AMS19 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:29:35

Is everyone the now 7DPO?! Im so tempted to test at the weekend...I really want to wait until AF is late but also really interested to know 😂😂

Plm28 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:33:38

@Bouncytree definitely itchy fingers 😂 tempted tomorrow but I know it’s early.

I’d love to wait till af is late but trouble is my cycles are all over the place literally don’t have a clue when it will arrive 🤯🤯

jessi60 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:37:57

Apparently 9dpo but a load of shite in my humble opinion as it’s based purely on a withdrawal bleed. So that really can’t be used and I haven’t had a period yet sooo who knows where I am or if I’ve even ovulated. Did a test before, was negative. I have no symptoms really, made up ones in my head I think I do haha.

The test wasn’t an early response one though so they might be some hope for me this month... maybe😂😂😂

ForGoodnessCake Mon 02-Nov-20 20:39:06

Hey 👋

Hoping to jump on with you all I'm 5dpo and a POAS ADDICT!!! So I will test everyday on cheapies until AF.

I'm just tired with sore (.)(.) But absolutely hat the wait 🤣

Foxl2222 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:52:34

@Plm28 I'm going to test at the weekend- somewhere between Friday and Sunday (prob Friday) with a FRER.
7dpo today, tested yesterday - bfn but expected it as much too early! AC due 10th Nov.
Although I'm still obsessing about imaginary symptoms etc, I have found myself stressing less about not being pg this month and not putting myself under any pressure if it doesn't happen straight away. I think being on here and reading about all the different stories has helped that. At least I will be able to enjoy my stock of prosecco during this lock down.... every cloud🤣
Notice the sore boobs seems to be quite a common symptom- never thought I'd be hoping to wake up with sore boobs 🙈

Has anyone had a positive test with frer the 6 days before AF, as it says on the box? This is what I'll be doing Friday (5 days before missed AF). Xx

Plm28 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:55:47

@Foxl2222 yes I’m the same! At one point today I thought my boobs were hurting then I wondered if I’d imagined that and if they were really actually hurting. Does strange things to us ttc doesn’t it!

ForGoodnessCake Mon 02-Nov-20 21:00:27

I swear by FRER I got BFP with my youngest two almost a week before AF - I've a stock pile of IC I use for fun 🤦🏼‍♀️ and a few FR in the draw for the weekend - this is my first month TTC with my new partner so he his buzzing, and full of questions ❤️ hope he doesn't get the AF disappointment that I do 😏

dippyegg32 Mon 02-Nov-20 21:05:14

I'm going to test Thursday night confused I'll be 10 dpo but also tracking temps so this is all presuming my temps are still high

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