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TTC during Covid..

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greypaint Sat 31-Oct-20 19:04:56

Is anybody else feeling absolutely torn about what to do..?! Watching Boris' spearheaded at the moment and I just don't know what to think.. such a hard time for everybody at the moment ☹️

DP and I have been trying to conceive for 6 months now, and part of me is panicking and worrying that this isn't a suitable time. I know their is no 'ideal' time for a baby and trying for a baby, but I'm just feeling so down about it all.

We are desperate for a little one, but I worry about the future and how things will be if we were to conceive, If Covid is still a large issue and constant restrictions etc. (Which I'm sure it will be) ☹️🤦‍♀️

I'm so scared about the fact DP couldn't come to scans, appointments etc.. and potentially the birth too. It just scares me.

Sorry for a sad and negative post, I just don't know what to think right now and feeling really low😔

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Sugggs Sat 31-Oct-20 19:08:45

Same. Currently pregnant and very worried that we’ve made the wrong choice but we didn’t want huge sibling age gaps and I’m conscious of my age

bitheby Sat 31-Oct-20 19:14:45

I'm pressing on due to my age. I conceived just before the first lockdown but sadly miscarried at Easter. I would never forgive myself if I missed the chance due to external factors. I am getting on a fair bit though!

PinkPlantCase Sat 31-Oct-20 19:23:16

Currently 7+4 weeks so a bit bias. In my opinion life goes on, I think my parents might be a bit sad that they won’t be able to see me as much during pregnancy.

It isn’t my fault that my fertile years fall during the pandemic.

greypaint Sat 31-Oct-20 19:36:13

@Sugggs congratulations on your pregnancy - this can't be an easy time for you, bless you 💓

I'm sure all will be fine, it's just a worrying time isn't it. Thinking of you x

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greypaint Sat 31-Oct-20 19:37:29

@bitheby I'm sorry to hear you MC'd - it's awful. I had the same sadly last month ☹️ I think I'm going to continue TTC as usual.. whatever happens, happens. Just worrying and uncertain times x.

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greypaint Sat 31-Oct-20 19:40:27

@PinkPlantCase congratulations on your pregnancy! I completely agree, it's just a hard time.
I am also in my fertile years so would never forgive myself for not trying during these times. Think I'm going to continue as before. Xx

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PinkPlantCase Sun 01-Nov-20 07:48:59

Thankyou OP grin I’ve only told a couple of friends so far but nobody has said anything negative. As in I haven’t had any ‘why would you do that now’ comments.

AMS19 Sun 01-Nov-20 08:14:45

@greypaint I actually look at it completely differently. We always planned to start TTC early 2022. I also wanted to avoid December being pregnant with all the partying and drinking i didnt want to miss. We wanted to travel more etc. But once Boris announced the additional 6 months thing about a month ago we decided to just go for it. This is probably the only time you can be pregnant and:
1. Not miss out on lots of socials / drinking
2. Much more easily keep it a secret
3. If you're working from home be able to deal better with morning sickness
4. Stay at home and avoid all the other nasty things you might pick up pregnant
5. DTD at much better times (we did it at lunch on Monday as soon as I hit peak - by bedtime it had already gone completely).

Fact is even if you fall this month the chances are a vaccine will be out by birth. And private scans really aren't that expensive- about £60/£70 - which your partner can go to

Anyway, just a different perspective xx

ILookAtTheFloor Sun 01-Nov-20 08:16:46

I couldn't give less of a fuck, to be honest. Excuse the language!

In fact, like others it's made me re evaluate life and go for a third. Life's too short.

greypaint Sun 01-Nov-20 08:23:49

@AMS19 thanks so much for a new perspective, it's really helped!
It's lovely to hear all the things you can still do, and the fact that you can keep it a secret easier etc is really a good point. Xx

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greypaint Sun 01-Nov-20 08:34:34

@ILookAtTheFloor love that perspective, thank you!!
Life is definitely too short - I think we will go for it as planned, we've been trying for a while now so don't want to blow it xx

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