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Help - am I pregnant?

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Whattodo83 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:29:07

Hi, I’m driving myself crazy and would like advice/thoughts on this please! smile

I have a regular cycle of 29/30 days, I usually ovulate on day 18-19. This cycle however, I didn’t ovulate until CD22. I’m currently on CD33 and no AF, so I’m 2/3 days late.

Have been taking pregnancy tests for 3 days, all BFN so far sad

I’ve had mild/light cramping/twinging for around 4 days. Had a bit of pink spotting yesterday. I usually only get cramping the day before or of AF (and it’s always quite bad) so have never had this before and it feels different.

Could I be pregnant and just testing too early? Or is AF just taking her time?

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