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OPK confusion. Is today my peak?!

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Louisa199 Sat 31-Oct-20 06:47:37

@Dearmaria CD22 is more like a peak for me. But so strange, why the app still keeps CD20 as a peak even after you have higher readings later. Mine always adjust once a higher reading appears. Anyway, I would have BD on any days when you get the positive result.grin

Dearmaria Fri 30-Oct-20 13:15:46

@Kay00 Thank you for your reply. I thought as much, it just took me by surprise because my cycles are usually like clockwork!

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Kay00 Fri 30-Oct-20 13:10:17

@dearmaria I would probably say your peak is CD22 but it might not record your peak as today until your OPKs go back down (?). If so you will likely ovulate tomorrow or day after, and that might make your cycles a few days longer. But that's not too dramatic 😊

Dearmaria Fri 30-Oct-20 13:04:46

This is my first month using OPKs. I've attached a picture of my tests.

Premom detected my peak at CD20, which I expected as my cycle is always 33 or 34 days. It said to test until the levels came back down and by that evening they had already dropped so I figured I have a rapid surge rather than a gradual. I thought I'll test for the next two days to capture the low readings to make the app more accurate. The next morning my levels were still low (had to do one before work so it was a bit earlier than I usually try to do them).
I did one when I got home before the school run and they had jumped back up! This morning it was even higher, then I did another at lunchtime before I left for work and it was higher again?!

Should I disregard the peak on CD20? Is now my peak? I know it's not dramatically later than usual to ovulate but it is unusual for me so that's why I'm feeling unsure. I had all the signs and symptoms that I was ovulating a couple of days ago. I'm confused and hoping someone with more experience of OPKs can help me here.

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