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EWCM on period, what's going on?? (WARNING PICTURE)

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ButterscotchBabe Fri 30-Oct-20 07:38:56

My previous cycle was 26 days with a luteal phase of only 8 days, af started on 9DPO with my temperature remaining high, so I was quite surprised to see it. I'm now on CD3, my temp finally came down this morning and when I wiped I noticed lots of EWCM (more than shown in pic). How is this possible during period?! Should I be DTD now?

Additionally my periods are always very painful, however this period there has been no pain at all, which is extremely unusual for me.

I came off the pill in August, 1st cycle was 21 days, 2nd and 3rd cycles 26 days, this is my 4th cycle. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?

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ILookAtTheFloor Fri 30-Oct-20 07:49:10

I use a moon cup and I do tend to get this kind of blood during AF, you see it more clearly with a mooncup. It's crossed my mine whether it's ov too but I then go on to have normal ovulation mid cycle. Do you have any opks just for reassurance?

ButterscotchBabe Fri 30-Oct-20 08:00:03

@ILookAtTheFloor how strange, I wonder if it's possible to ovulate twice in a cycle? Unfortunately I don't have any OPKs. I tried googling EWCM on period and there's literally no information on this. The closest I could find was EWCM mixed with blood but this was assuming ovulation bleeding 😕.

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ILookAtTheFloor Fri 30-Oct-20 08:03:01

I do honestly get that kind of mucus every month with my period, and I always raise an eyebrow but it's never actually ov. It must be hormonal or something. I think I notice it now because of the mooncup.

ButterscotchBabe Fri 30-Oct-20 08:42:13

@ILookAtTheFloor after further googling, I think its due to the change of hormones from progesterone to estrogen, the rise of estrogen causing the EWCM. Have you used OPK when seeing this during af to check its not ovulation? Hopefully it is just due to change in hormones and not ovulation. I've now ordered some OPKs so if it happens again I'll be able to test.

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ILookAtTheFloor Fri 30-Oct-20 09:13:51

No I've never tried an opk, this month was the first time I've used them, might try this month if AF arrives!

MrsKin90 Fri 30-Oct-20 09:20:40

Sorry to jump on, but just to say I get this every period too. I also use a menstrual cup and it's a lot more obvious then.
Did you know that just before your period it's common to get a high reading on an OPK? Because the LH surges just before AF. This would make EWCM during AF make sense, as you've said you've read it can be due to rise in hormones. 😊

ButterscotchBabe Fri 30-Oct-20 10:37:44

@MrsKin90 don't apologise, thanks for replying 🙂.

I feel better now, I was worried I was ovulating super early but it seems this is normal.

Thank you both for your help! 😊

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