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ButterscotchBabe Fri 30-Oct-20 05:43:09

Do you mean your period is 4 days long and your cycles are 26/27 days? Mittleschmertz (ovulation pain) is common unfortunately, it can happen before, during or after ovulation. Based on what you've said, it seems like you're getting the pain before ovulation, which isn't great for DTD! Keep an eye on EWCM, when you see it that means ovulation is coming soon, once it stops, ovulation has happened. Charting your BBT could also help you monitor your cycle. I thought I was unlucky having severe period pains, however I've realised since coming off the pill, there's also ovulation pains! Men don't know how easy they have it 😂

DroopysGirl Fri 30-Oct-20 02:27:13

Ok ladies who are gurus on ovulation, here's my weirdness, every month:
Cycles are 4 days long, 26/27 days apart. Day 10 I start to get whiny and emotional, much like PMS. Day 12, 13, or 14 I'll have mittleschmertz. Couple days later I'll have an almost positive opk. That day I'll need a nap, break out like a teenager and feel nauseous. Then my cervical mucous gets a little extra until I start my next cycle, which is preceded by a headache for a day.
So basically why do I have PMS symptoms near ovulation instead of my cycle, and why is it over what seems to be an entire week? The part of my cycle I'm supposed to be the most attractive (ovulation) is when I feel my worst.
Also, my cycle starts 14 days after the mittleschmertz but my opks aren't positive until a couple days after that which would mean I ovulate 9 or 10 days before my cycle starts?

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