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Spotting 4/5 days after intercourse.

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Squashy20 Thu 29-Oct-20 16:36:27

Hi, I’m a mum to four children, aged forever 14, 14, 12 & 7. You’d think I’d be well experienced in this kind of stuff, but it appears I’ve forgotten it all. We’re not trying hard, but what will be will be. My question is I’ve had streaky blood stained discharge for two days now, 4/5 days after intercourse. All I’ve read says implantation bleeding is often a few weeks after intercourse, not days. Also a bit concerned as I had to cancel my smear due to being on my period a few weeks ago & haven’t re-booked yet, just incase I get pregnant 😣 (I’m fine with having a smear & have never missed one). Advice welcome x

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Bouncytree Thu 29-Oct-20 19:18:16

Hi @Squashy20 confusing time time, what to do! It would seem a little on the early side. Implantation is normally 6-12 days after ovulation, so 4/5 days after inter course would seem a bit early For implantation bleeding. .Do you know when you ovulated? Or when your period is due?

Do you ever spot or bleed at other times?

Squashy20 Thu 29-Oct-20 19:31:32

I don’t normally have any spotting between periods. Very occasionally in the past if we’ve been a bit rough, but it wasn’t rough this weekend. Not sure on ovulation as I haven’t been testing, just been quite easy going about it all at the moment, as I’d rather have a September onwards baby, but it no problem if I did conceive earlier. First day of my last period was 14th Oct (which would put me at ovulation around now, but I did have a slight twinge feeling at the weekend and I though oh maybe that’s ovulation - with my third son I knew exactly when I’d ovulation without testing 🤯) & surprisingly periods have been more regular than when I
was younger, since having the coil removed.

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Bouncytree Thu 29-Oct-20 19:54:58’s all about that ovulation date really, that dictates when implantation is possible.

If you ovulated on Sat 24th today would be 6 dpo so it would seem possible. If you ovulated in the last few days it’s too early.

Not impossible, but hard to say! Bit if a wait it out situation which is always hard. Hope your doing ok

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