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6dpo 2ww is killing me

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Prettygreeneyes97 Thu 29-Oct-20 15:41:31

Hi, so back story....

I have been on the implant for 3 years. I came off the implant early September, days later I had my first period (lasting 3 days) then 21 days later had another (lasting 3 days). But this leaves me totally confused when I may have ovulated (we aren't crazy TTC just seeing when it happens) but by an apps calculation I am 6/7 dpo. But that works it off a 28 day cycle, looking back on it if it was a 21 day cycle and my ovulation was way sooner I worry we missed it. Anyone get pregnant soon after the implant?

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Bouncytree Thu 29-Oct-20 19:26:29

Hi @Prettygreeneyes97 I feel your pain, it’s so confusing when you can’t be sure of dates. I am similarly 5 days dpo, but I don’t have any experience with implants.

It is possible to ovulate at different points in the month, and not always At the exact same time. Halfway through Your cycle Is only an approximate date. If your cycle is irregular your ovulation may be too. So there isn’t really a way of knowing, but it is possible if you ovulated later in the cycle that you ‘hit the target’ so to speak.

At what point on your cycle did you DTD? Always better to err on the side of earlier in the cycle, so every 2/3 days in the lead up to The possible ovulation date rather than bang on.

Would you consider testing for ovulation? It might be helpful until your periods settle Down.

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