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HSG/hycosy experiences

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Stabal Wed 28-Oct-20 20:08:50

Hello! So I was due to have an HSG earlier this year, I was waiting on AF arriving end of February/beginning of March before calling and booking but AF never came because I had fallen pregnant after 2 years TTC. The pregnancy ended in miscarriage in May. I was told I'd have to wait until I'd been trying another year to get back on the infertility test train (as per NHS rules for referral) but I got a letter today to say I'm to ring on CD1 of my next cycle to have the HSG. Obviously I'm delighted to be moving in the right direction again with help but extremely anxious about it. I guess I'm looking for experiences, is it really as painful as it seems? Thank you in advance to whoever can offer some words of support!

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Supermathsdoc Wed 28-Oct-20 21:36:50

@Stabal so I had a HSG in September and ngl it was pretty awful, but nothing I and I’m sure you, can’t handle.

I took 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen beforehand.
The team were super nice and very reassuring given the awfulness of the situation.

I got on the bed and then the first bit was like a smear so minor.
Then he put the catheter through my cervix and it was like 3/10 discomfort. He told me he was gonna inject the dye and at the same time they brought the x-ray down and I had to put my hands above my head.

At this point it was like an extreme cramp. It was 8/10 pain but it literally only lasts 45 secs and then it was over. It was tough and I got a bit sweaty. But he should me the images straight afterwards and I was just happy it was normal.

I cycled home.

Hope it’s ok for you x

Stabal Wed 28-Oct-20 21:45:05

@Supermathsdoc oh god. I think it's the catheter part that's terrifying me. I had to take misoprostol to bring on my miscarriage (discovered at the scan the baby hadn't grown from 7 weeks) and the dilating of the cervix was torture for me. I have endo on my bowel and cramps from the cervix cause excruciating bowel pain so I'm really really worried about this! Thank you for sharing your experience though x

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Hj1702 Wed 28-Oct-20 23:14:44


I had mine done about 3 weeks ago and honestly I felt about 5 seconds of a sharp cramp I know everyone experiences differently but it wasn’t bad at all for me good luck xx

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