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Periods and Folic Acid - help

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Gamechanger2019 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:40:09

It’s bizarre isn’t it. I’m so tired and drained - but it’s hard to know what is due to Covid/lockdown etc. I just can’t understand this double bleed - so good shout I’ll try to switch to multi vit rather than straight up folic to see if that helps. Thank you replying - appreciated. Hope you get sorted too!

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ChinChilly Wed 28-Oct-20 19:12:17

@Gamechanger2019 Hi, it didn’t effect the length of my cycle but my period after I started taking it was really short and light, it was also making me sooo sick I’ve had to stop taking it, going to try a multi vitamin like pregnacare and see if that is any better

Gamechanger2019 Wed 28-Oct-20 18:53:33

Ever since I’ve been taking folic acid and we’ve been actively trying my periods have totally gone to pot.

I used to be regular 30 day cycle. Now I seem to have a some bleed around day 25 for few days, then a gap then bleed again around day 30 - or sometimes this second bleed doesn’t happen. Anyone else the same? I don’t ever get a positive test result either. Any ideas what is happening?

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