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One sided pain after ovulation.

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dippyegg32 Tue 27-Oct-20 17:57:52

I'm actually worried that this may be an actual non ttc health issue, bare with me...

I'm either one or two days post ovulation. Defo ovulated as had fixed smiley, ewcm, ovulation pain and temperature rise.

But today I've been in pain. Stabby / aches right sided low pelvic/abdo pain (same side as ovulation pain).

I've already had my appendix out!!!

I don't feel ill no temperature etc just this pain.

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ButterscotchBabe Tue 27-Oct-20 18:19:33

@dippyegg32 I've experienced something similar to you, I also get quite bad ovulation pain. This cycle I had awful pain (sharp, twinges, strong ache) on far lower left side, the next day I ovulated and the pain was reduced, I then had lighter pain for the following 2 days and then it went. I think the pain is normal (just unlucky) but if you're concerned it's worth getting it checked out.

Olivebranch26 Wed 28-Oct-20 08:39:13

I am the same after ovulation, pains for days that slowly ease off. I'd say it might just be your ovulation that is causing it, unless it continues then I would probably get it checked out. When I get pregnant with DD the pain didn't go away and I was panicking it was another ectopic but scan showed I just had a cyst caused by pregnancy that soon went away.

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