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Stopping cerrazette cramps for 2 weeks!

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2495KaJa Tue 27-Oct-20 11:32:12

I've been on cerazette 6 months. I stopped my mini pill on the 10th of October but missed one or two the 2 weeks prior. I had a break through bleed on the 12th for 2 days very light. On the 22nd I started getting cramps which are still here over a week later. I've been crying at random things multiple times a day and I don't often cry, I feel so moody today! I've had a lot of runny cm which I never usually get. I took a pregnancy test in the unlikely event I was but was BFN. I've also got a really dodgy tummy like IBS tmi but I can't stop going to the toilet (1's and 2's😂). Has anybody experienced this after the mini pill? Any advice? Many thanks 😊

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florencesthoughts Wed 28-Oct-20 21:19:11

Hello! I was on Cerazette for 10 years and came off it in August this year and experienced similar. I had cramps, IBS, boobs sore and a bit of emotional wreck and super sensitive, would cry at the most silly things on TV.

I think the hormones have levelled out now a bit more now! I have read it can take quite some time to do so though.

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