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Ttc 24 months this month

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Blessedbutstressed96 Mon 26-Oct-20 21:31:22

Hey ttc dc2 , been trying since October 2018. After bloods , swabs , ultrasound, semen analysis everything clear suspected I have endo due to symptoms and family history. Finally got my app for lap and dye test for next month then today got a call saying due to current Covid situation alll surgeries are cancelled just feel a bit rubbish after seeing positive things about the surgery etc I was so hopeful and now feel back to square one. Any advice on staying positive x

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PBfingers Tue 27-Oct-20 07:51:35

No advice but hugs from me @blessedbutstressed96 💐

We are also at 24month point for our 1st (mc June '19) and in a similar situation waiting for referral appointment after initial investigations. Each time I call another 8-10 weeks is added on.

Like you, part of me just feels happy and hopeful to be in the "system" at this point given everything but the other part of me feels heartbroken that it's delayed.

Blessedbutstressed96 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:12:50

@PBfingers it’s so hard isn’t it. We had mc in March 2019 and otherwise nothing. It’s awful right now I feel devastated about the whole thing. My ds isn’t my partners child. My ds wants a sibling and I feel like I’m letting everyone down it’s a rubbish feeling. I can feel my af symptoms creeping due tomorrow. Just so disheartening after being given the appointment to have it be 😔

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PBfingers Tue 27-Oct-20 12:48:13

I am so sorry about your mc, it is so very hard.

You definitely aren't letting anyone down, I am sure your partner thinks the world of you and too your ds. The monthly arrival of AF always makes things feel so much worse. Be kind to yourself the next few days, and take some time out if you need it.

We in such a similar position, it makes me feel better speak to someone else who is going through similar and can relate.

I am really trying to de-stress at the moment about ttc, whilst waiting for the appt. but not going to lie, some months I am all in and wanting to try every tip under the sun and then other months I am just sticking to the basics.

How about you?

Blessedbutstressed96 Tue 27-Oct-20 13:21:23

Yeh with you being through the same you’ll understand it’s difficult.
It’s hard not to feel like you’re letting everyone down at times. Just feels like this could be it. Feel like anytime we get a step forward before we know it we’re two back again.

I think it’s better to talk to someone in a similar situation as a lot of people don’t understand and say “it’ll happen when it’s meant to” or “you’re trying too hard”
I go through phases we’ve tried fertility gels, pillow trick, tracking etc. But we’re pretty regular at doing the deed so we try our best not to time it too much making it a chore.

When af is due I find the hardest some months I think I’ve symptoms and some months I’m even late which adds to the disappointment when it finally arrives.

How are you coping with it all ?

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