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Bloating and discomfort a week after chemical

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GinaG678 Mon 26-Oct-20 15:30:44

I had a chemical pregnancy just over a week ago. The bleeding stopped just less than a week ago. It wasn’t particularly heavy just like a period if a little heavier than usual.
I’ve noticed For the past week I’m feeling really bloated and that’s not normal for me. I put it down to eating badly but have cleaned up my diet and exercised, drank loads of water past few days but I’m still really bloated. Can also feel the odd twinge in my left ovary. I feel quite uncomfortable and my belly feels big and just not feeling that hungry.
My doctor did check my hcg levels and they were 8 the day I had started bleeding.
Anyone have anything like this? I’ll prob phone doctor this morning but worrying something is wrong

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