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Afiggs Sat 24-Oct-20 21:15:43

So I am trying to conceive and I took a pregnancy test last Saturday morning and two of the test trips were positive one was really dark and the other faint, now they were two different test strips so I took another Monday and the were negative so I waited and took one today and one was positive and the other negative again. My question is am I pregnant or not? Please help

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MamaMoonbeam Sat 24-Oct-20 21:17:16

Can we see? Also, what brands did you use? x

Afiggs Sat 24-Oct-20 21:20:25

How do I post pictures and I used momMed and easy@home

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Northernlass101 Sat 24-Oct-20 21:57:44

When you write a post at the the bottom near the submit post icon is s Paperclip click on that to attach a photo! ❤️

Afiggs Sat 24-Oct-20 22:04:24

It won't let me post pictures because I'm still a new user do you know how long it takes before I can post a picture

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Afiggs Fri 30-Oct-20 00:27:52

I finally tested positive on a first response test the line was faint but I waited two days and tested again and the line was there and I also registered on a digital test as well. So thank you ladies for you help I got my BFP smilesmilesmilesmile

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