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Allmychildrenhavepaws Sat 24-Oct-20 10:31:49

Hi all! I feel like I'm going crazy this cycle, im hoping someone can talk some sense into me!
DP had vasectomy 5 years ago. I ovulated CD14, (will leave out any symptoms directly after OV because, as we all know, it's just that pesky progesterone wink) Around 6dpo I had a slight dip in bbt, that same day I had awful period type cramps. From then until about 9dpo, I had; a further bbt spike, on/off cramping, spd, reflux, burping, sore bbs, chills, nausea, night sweats, extreme nightmares (not normal for me at all) migraines, fanny daggers, dizzy (actually fainted in co-op) hot flushes, very.bad irritability (like I could scratch someone's eyes out blush) tired to the point I couldn't stay awake past 8.30pm, weeing non stop, creamy white CM....

BUT, at 10 dpo my temp dipped slightly again hmm along with some pink spotting and strong P.Cramps...

11 dpo today and my bbt is the same as yesterday 36.9 (was 37.0 at 9 dpo) and another drop of pink spotting today too!

Symptoms all still going on, I have tested and have been getting what I assumed were EVAPs...Didn't think FR had EVAPs, CB definitely do (have included a picture of both - had to use B&W to show the lines, as the camera never picks up faint lines otherwise)

Today it feels like my nipple are burning when I bend over confused...I have had 5 MC'S 2 healthy boys (count my blessings for them)

But im pretty sure this MUST be all in my head? I've nearly always had a clear BFP around 10 dpo, have always "known" when I was PG waaay before the BFP....but given no "clear lines" and minor dip in bbt and spotting, im just assuming that AF is round the corner, and I'm just having a very odd cycle!?

All words of wisdom welcomed...
Somebody slap me please! confused

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Sat 24-Oct-20 11:14:24

I will add, that "fanny daggers" or "lightening crotch" I have only ever had when PG...and the vivid nightmares and fainting, also only when PG. So im wondering if this could possibly be a Chemical sad

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Sat 24-Oct-20 18:48:49


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Chica1990 Sat 24-Oct-20 19:50:03

First response are supposed to be good at no evap lines. Unfortunately the only way to know is to test tomorrow or the next day as the hcg doubles every 48 hours for a pregnancy.

It sounds like you have had a lot of unusual physical feelings and if that isn’t common for you then it could be something. If you’re not pregnant then it might be worth going to the doctor anyway

Allmychildrenhavepaws Sat 24-Oct-20 20:36:37

Chicago, ty, I am testing every day until I get my period. Just very strange to have pg symptoms but not be pg! The lines are so so faint, but definitely a line, so faint, I can't see any colour which led me to believe they must be evaps hmm
Will post an update as to whether af turns up x

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Sun 25-Oct-20 13:38:06

12 dpo today, bbt still 36.9 so no significant drop yet, but I am still 3/4 days away from AF. Lines on tests still look like EVAPS, still cramping, and had a strange discharge (sorry for tmi pic) I'm pretty sure AF is just around the corner SIGH

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MamaMoonbeam Sun 25-Oct-20 14:04:16

No such thing as evaps. They're either a positive or just wet from pee x

Chica1990 Sun 25-Oct-20 23:30:31

You’re still really early so they would be faint. Let us know how you get on in 3/4 days

calimommy Mon 26-Oct-20 05:41:16

Are you TTC? I ask because you are charting temp. If your DH has had 5 solid years of vasectomy then it's probably unlikely to have spontaneously corrected? If AF doesn't show then I would test but it could be that it is starting already. You haven't mentioned your age but your post reminded me of another thread I read once about a woman who had a variety of symptoms and weak positive tests and it turned out to be the start of her menopause.

Allmychildrenhavepaws Mon 26-Oct-20 10:50:27

Hi all, sorry, should have been clearer, dp and I are not ttc, not been together very long, but I had heard of a vasectomy failure rates of between 2-9% after 5 years, so I decided to temp just to keep an eye on things. I'm 32 and have recently been checked for early menopause...all OK. So these pg symptoms have been totally not normal gor my usual cycles which are like clockwork. I have been pg 7 times (5 mc's) so I know what early pg feels like. I didn't think FR had evap lines hmm
Any ways, temp dropped to 36.8 today, down from 36.9 yesterday, and the spotting is heavier im torn between early chemical, or imminent period. I am a little sad, despite not planned, thinking (or feeling like) you're 100% pg with full blown symptoms, and having what look like early faint lines...only to go on to lose those symptoms, temp drop and spotting, brings back painful memories. What makes me feel worse is that dp says he's "releived" which makes me a little angry actually, I feel like my feelings aren't really being taken into consideration sad

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Mon 26-Oct-20 10:53:33

But I also understand "why" he would feel relieved, given he had a vasectomy for a reason (he's finished having children)

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calimommy Mon 26-Oct-20 14:00:28

While I certainly appreciate you are feeling disappointed, I don't think it's fair to be annoyed at your DP. A vasectomy is a pretty clear statement of intent.
If the tests you used were FR, have a look at the boards on MN - there have been countless threads recently discussing problems with FR. Also it is important not to open tests which come in cases as this affects how they dry.

Allmychildrenhavepaws Mon 26-Oct-20 15:56:40

calimommy hence why I said I understand his statement of relief. But it doesn't stop my feelings of loss, especially after 5 mc's. I am not "literally" angry at him...of course not, its more a deep rooted emotional response I suppose. I didn't know FR tests have been having issues, thanks for the info!

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Mon 26-Oct-20 15:57:42

Very bad cramping and back pain going on now, I feel sick and dizzy, and am passing clots

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Chica1990 Mon 26-Oct-20 17:22:49

Maybe you should book in with a doctor for a blood test?

Allmychildrenhavepaws Mon 26-Oct-20 19:16:10

Chica ty for the advice, the bleeding is very heavy now, and the pain is very strong, stronger and very different to period pain, plus the intense cramping in my lower back is something I never get on my period sad
Pretty sure I know the outcome of this situation sadly. But ty all for your replies and support X

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Mon 26-Oct-20 23:37:53

Just passed "tissue" on my sanitary pads that are filling up quite to say it was a miscarriage sad

Had a good cry, but still feel low, and in quite a lot of pain ...

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Tue 27-Oct-20 10:10:32

I should know after 5 mc's, but can anybody confirm my beliefs that this is an early miscarriage? Sorry for tmi pics sad

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calimommy Tue 27-Oct-20 14:51:25

I get blobs of vagina discharge with clots during my periods so that just looks like a regular period to me but if it were a chemical then there wouldn't be much to see anyway as it's so early.

Allmychildrenhavepaws Tue 27-Oct-20 17:30:37

Do you get a lot of fleshy lining come out too? Just asking because I do get that, but it's always white/pink with blood vessels etc...whenever I've seen a tiny embryo in my previous mc's, it's been grey tissue - which is why I included the one picture that shows the tiny tiny grey part (the picture is extremely enlarged, it only measured about 3-4mm) I'm not "wishing" it to be a my, but it's the difference in pain also which really made me question hmm my periods are light too. I have no period cramps, just very intense lower back cramps. I had a mc last year with a clear positive line at 8dpo, and my,d at 4 was on the dot, he/she came out in the fully intact sac, you could see all the details, eye dots, tail, arm and leg buds etc...I wouldn't have thought you'd have seen anything at a 4 wk mc either...I was quite shocked!

But ty for your opinion, im in quite a bad place today, so it's nice to get a response xx

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Tue 27-Oct-20 17:32:03

Not wishing it to to be a mc* I meant

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Tue 27-Oct-20 17:33:09

Mc'd* at 4 wks on the dot....ffs, I hate this phone confused

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calimommy Tue 27-Oct-20 17:51:41

At 4 weeks there is nothing but a cluster of cells the size of a sesame seed. Look why don't you go speak to your GP about this? If nothing else your partner will need to know if he has had a vasectomy failure.

Allmychildrenhavepaws Tue 27-Oct-20 20:56:23

This is what I've seen in most of my early miscarriages...definitely an embryo as opposed to a bundle of cells. But will talk with my doctor, not that there's anything that can be done, but would be good to ask a doctors opinion i guess.

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Allmychildrenhavepaws Tue 27-Oct-20 20:58:25

Thanks again for your reply...

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