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TTC cycle 1 (just come off pill) for #1

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Happythoughts91 Fri 23-Oct-20 15:52:06


Im in my first month of trying with my partner of 12 years. With wedding plans up in the air due to covid we decided we didn’t want to put our lives on hold any more so here we are!

I came off the pill, had my withdrawal bleed and now in the two week wait until next week when I can test.

I guess I just wanted to come on here and see if anyone else is new to trying too. Or people who can give light in how long it took them to conceive after coming off the pill.

We haven’t told no one we’re trying so I feel like I haven’t got no one to talk too about it all. Trying to stay positive and would love to have a happy ending to 2020.

Sending baby dust to you all xxx

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 07:32:41

Also new to all this and trying for our first. I came off the pill 13 Sep and had my normal withdrawal bleed 18th Sept. We didn't TTC then and waited until I got my first proper period, which amazing came a perfect 28 days later (wasn't expecting that as most people and threads im on are much longer post pill). I'm now CD11 but this is my first proper TTC so not expecting much. I'm testing with OPKs and BBT tracking to see if I actually ovulate (couldn't detect ovulation in my first cycle straight from the pill). Going to DTD everyday until day 14/15, and then if no ovulation go back to every day or two.

Are you doing any ovulation tracking or just going with the flow?

CardioQueen Sat 24-Oct-20 08:06:33

Hi all smile

I am new here. I wrote this in another thread earlier but this looks like a more suitable one to be in!

I guess a bit soon to tell in here given we’re talking about cycle 1, but wanted to see if anyone else was super slow to get back into regular cycles after coming off the pill? I have always been like clockwork when I’ve not been on the pill or implant - been on and off since I was 17, now 33.

I came off 3 months ago, had standard withdrawal bleed, then had a normal period after 37 days, started tracking my cycle, doing OPKs etc - lots of flashing smileys (10 days worth) but no static. And period. Did a test just in case and got negative. This cycle has now been 51 days long.

I am a notorious stresshead and get far too worked up about things. This inevitably does not help! Probably scared AF off. Anyway was just seeing if anyone had any experience of this. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

Thank you smile

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 08:37:39

Hi @AMS19 Thanks for replying and lovely to hear your on this journey too.

How exciting for you. I got the Ovia app and entered my withdrawal bleed in. From that it worked on a 28 day cycle. Hi knew it was only a withdrawal bleed and not my first actual period but thought I got to start somewhere.

Guess I was curious and wanted to get to know my body so I bought the clear blue ovulation sticks. There expensive but at the moment I would say they were worth the money. I used it twice before the app said my foretold week and nothing. Entered my fertile week and it came up saying high. And then has that about 3 or 4 days and then it came up peak. Which I was really happy about. For me I just wanted to know roughly when I was ovulating and see if it matched the app and it did. So I’m now half way through my TWW I don’t expect much from this cycle but if I come on my period as I should next Saturday then again like you I’ve managed a 28 day cycle which I’d be pleased about.

The whole of my fertile week we DTD every single day. We didn’t plan too but I guess we was both excited being our first month and whether they will carry on happening who knows. I know lots of people say every other day, so maybe we will do that (if we can’t keep it up, work commitments etc) and then use the sticks to know and then do it every day at peak.

I haven’t BBT yet. Fingers crossed for us xx

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 09:37:43

@Happythoughts91 sounds like you have made a great attempt for your first cycle. And amazing for you to be getting peaks so early on. My OPKs have all been negative so far, so jus totaling I actually ovulate this cycle 🤞🤞 I had some EWCM 3 days ago, but apart form twinges nothing. As I say, will DTD anyway just incase

@CardioQueen unfortunately it is totally normal for periods to be all over the place for up to 12 months off the pill. As annoying as it is, it is very standard. It is also great to see some OPK progression. A few people I've spoken to have peaked so quickly, if they didn't test every hour they would literally miss it. So it might be you are peaking just missing it?

I'm just using the cheap OPKs form amazon at the moment. Maybe after a few months if nothing happens I'll upgrade. I'm praying to see some progression on them over the next few days 🙏 knowing my luck I'll have perfect 27 day cycles but won't ovulate 😂😂

GreenApplesYo Sat 24-Oct-20 10:14:06


Hi @Happythoughts91 thanks for starting the thread 🙂I've recently come off the pill too, on 2nd Oct. I think I'm now 4dpo. Like you, I was really excited to see a peak on my OPK. Went for a run right after and got my best 5K time in ages, haha! ...I was confused 2 days later though when my LH peaked again. Was especially annoying as I was away from home! Think I did ovulate eventually because my temps are up (albeit a gradual rise) and I've had sore nipples from the day after the second LH peak.

Because the 2nd peak happened when I was away, we didn't time sex that well. We probably DTD 2-3 days before I actually ovulated. Plus- I didn't really get much EWCM. I'm putting this down to my hormones still being a bit out of whack this cycle. Don't think I'll get a BFP this month, just happy to be ovulating at all!

Really hoping that next month goes smoothly and I ovulate when the app predicts I will, but I do worry that things might not be that straightforward. @cardioQueen you have my sympathy, I've already done so much fretting and I'm only a month in. I think if your cycles were regular before coming off the pill then they ought to settle down again soon? I know the wait is hard though. Which pill were you on?

What kind of suppliments etc is everyone taking? Will you be drinking alcohol and caffeine etc in the 2ww? Totally personal choice at this stage 🙂 but I've decided to cut out alcohol. Have been looking for mocktail recipes! Going to pop to the shops for ingredients later, as DP and I usually have wine and popcorn on a Saturday if we're in (and we're pretty much always in these days, bloody Covid!)

CardioQueen Sat 24-Oct-20 10:35:37

@GreenApplesYo & @AMS19 thanks for your replies and reassurance, i appreciate it!

I was on Microgynon 30 for 95% of the time and Loette very briefly (but it wasn’t ideal as has to be taken at exactly the same time each day). And yes purely for contraceptive, I was very regular whenever off it.

As for supplements I’m currently just taking Blackmores I-folic which is 196.2mcg potassium iodide and 500mcg folic acid. I live in Australia so this might not be a brand available I the UK, I can’t remember. Def interested to hear if anyone is taking additional supplements?

In the 2WW (once I finally get another cycle) I will cut out alcohol also. I might try that Seedlip alcohol free spirit? As I do like a G&T and feel I could pretend I’m having one!

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 11:39:07

Hi everyone.

Such an exciting time and hopefully we can all stay in touch sharing our journey. It’s it funny how growing up and in the past I thought getting pregnant would be so easy and would worry a mistake would happen. When really I didn’t know it takes so much and has the be perfectly timed for it to work grin

@CardioQueen I use to be on Microgynon for many years. When I stopped taking the pill I started Pregnancycare and take one of them each day. And my partner takes the male version when he remembers lol. Xx

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curcurbita Sat 24-Oct-20 11:56:00

@CardioQueen you sound similar to me... I stopped start of August, had withdrawal bleed, then a normal seeming period 32 days after that. I've had some very light spotting/bleeding around CD45 but nowhere near a proper period so not sure if just some breakthrough bleeding because I haven't ovulated or what. I also tend to get a bit stressed about things and I'm not very good at being patient.

I'm just taking folic acid and vitamin d at the moment.

CardioQueen Sat 24-Oct-20 12:02:12

@Happythoughts91 yes I know...we spend so much time and effort trying not to get pregnant, it never occurred to me it was quite a difficult thing to do!

Ooh ok this is good to know, esp as partner could also take one. I will look into these now. I really didn’t have any concerns about my cycle when I came off the pill so this has thrown me a bit, but the general consensus seems to be its absolutely fine and can just take time 🤞🏼

Glad I found this forum so I can talk to people going through the same journey ☺️

CardioQueen Sat 24-Oct-20 12:10:16

@curcurbita ok yes this sounds very similar to me. I think, rather unfortunately for us both from the sounds of things, we need to be more relaxed and patient...they aren’t really skills I’m going to learn very easily, but at least there are two of us?!

It’s hard when you decide ok we’re ready to start trying and your body is just in weird hibernation mode. Keep me updated on your cycle progress and I will you mine!

GreenApplesYo Sat 24-Oct-20 12:44:28

@curcurbita @CardioQueen totally understand the frustration, that would so be me (it could be me next month, I'm just on cycle 1. We'll see!). I think unless you're one of those lucky ducks who get pregnant on the first try, TTC is going to have it's trials. Perhaps I'll be really regular right away, but you might still get a BFP first 🙂 so don't despair. But yes, really nice to have people to chat with (and freak out with? Haha) along the way.

I'm taking pregnacare too BTW. I wonder if there are any foods you can eat/suppliments to take that help boost oestrogen, which you could have while waiting to ovulate. Is that a thing? 🙂

AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 13:13:33

Hey ladies! Also taking pregnacare and evening primrose oil which helps with EWCM. Given I'm CD11 today I'm going to keep OPK testing but have lost all faith of actually seeing a peak! DTD this morning and last night, my husband thinks all his Christmases have come at once 😂😂

I'm going to try not to drink in TWW if, and only if, I'm confident I've actually ovulated and DTD at a decent time. I won't stop completely, but maybe have one glass of wine max. I feel the fact I'm about to deprive myself for 9 months I want to make the most of it whilst I can 😂😂
For those BBT tracking did you find your first off the pill was crazy?! Im so happy this cycle is much smoother and less ups and downs. Now I did need a positive OPK!

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 15:43:21

Hi everyone. So nice we can all chat.

I’m in the two week wait and Symptom spotting like mad! It’s really hard not too.
I definitely think I’m just looking for every symptoms. I’m due to test next Friday. Don’t have much hope seeing as it’s just cycle 1.

One thing I noticed was ovulation pains. Honestly it feel awful. It was the first time I’d ever had it. I was rolled over in pain. And it was the time leading up to the peak ovulation test. I’m taking I got it this time as being on the pill I hadn’t ovulated in many years. But it was so painful. I even told my other half I don’t think I can do this for another month hahaha

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 15:47:56

@Happythoughts91 the great thing about ovulation pain is you will know when you ovulate with need to test! I get weird twinges but haven't ovulated yet since coming off the pill (or at least that I've been able to detect). What CD did you ovulate? I think I would be a nightmare in the TWW!

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:16:30

@AMS19 That’s a positive didn’t think of that.

I tested with the clear blue ovulation sticks. I was high from day 11-15. And then tested on 16 and it was peak.

Every day since ovulation I haven’t felt my self and have ‘symptoms’ but I know it’s all probably leading to PMS. Again something I’ve never had to deal with.

I can test next Friday and know it’s high unlikely anything will happen as it’s Cycle 1.

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:21:14

Eeek but you never know!!! A few people get lucky straight off. The reason most people don't fall straight away is cause they don't ovulate. The fact you have is great and gives you the same chance as someone who has been trying for months!! Are you working friday? I'm working from home, have been since March, so makes doing a test and hopefully getting a positive a lot better! Not sure i would be able to concentrate after

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:44:22

Aww thank you. Your right I should be positive. I’m actually off Friday grin my other half is working though. He goes out early as works in London and he normally wakes me whilst he’s getting ready. So will do it then before he goes to work. Then I have the rest of the day to scrub the house clean and take my mind off of likely getting a negative lol.

How are you getting on in your cycle?

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:49:30

Eeeek that is exciting!! Do you live near London? We are in London, so being in the lockdown is just making me want to be pregnant even more 😂😂

So far my BBT temps have been quite consistent which is good. I'm CD11 but no positive OPKs yet. We are DTD everyday anyway just in case I miss my peak. One girl on another chat went from zero to peak and back to zero is 24hours. So I'm keeping faith. Hopefully I will get something on the OPK in the next 3/4 days. It is only my first proper cycle TTC but I already want it so badly. I'm a nightmare 😂😂 I'm 32 and married and it just feels so right now. Even though we were originally planning to start TTC start of 2022! Funny how covid makes you reassess things isnt it!

GreenApplesYo Sat 24-Oct-20 16:56:50

@ams19 have you noticed any EWCM this cycle? I'm curious as I was only a little eggwhitey (!) around ov, so was thinking about trying EPO next cycle. Hope you get a positive OPK soon, keeping my fingers crossed! I didn't have any progression on my OPKs before the peak. Wasn't testing every few hours, just once a day... But went from my baseline to 160% in 24hrs. LH went down really fast afterwards too, back to baseline again within 12hrs. Maybe this is what yours will be like as well?

How do you find working from home BTW?

@Happythoughts91 ooh Friday isn't too long now! Hope it goes really quickly for you. I think you're right with the symptom spotting. Unless my nipples go dark, I'm also going to put any symptoms down to pms.

GreenApplesYo Sat 24-Oct-20 16:58:14

Oh cross-post there about OPKs @AMS19 🙂

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:58:23

We are in Essex! So not far at all and in tier 2 too.

Covid definitely makes you think about life. We was meant to be getting married in June. Obv we couldn’t and have postponed until next June. When the wedding rule went down to 15 that’s when we decided we didn’t want to put our lives on hold no more, for a day that may never happen how we want it too. So we are planning to see how things go, and believe everything happens for a reason. We’re going to give it until Feb time. If we have managed to conceive by then we will postpone the wedding again. If not we will go ahead regardless of numbers next year. Fingers crossed everything happens for a reason.

All sounds positive that DTD every day. You have every possible chance of it happening and remember I got my peak on 16. So you have a few days still!!

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 17:08:28

@GreenApplesYo great minds hey! 🙂 yeah really hoping I'm someone who has a quick peak and that is why nothing is happening. I'm gonna test twice a day for the next 4 days and then if nothing go back to once a day. I have my BBT as a back up, so if that shoots up then its a good sign. I started EPO this cycle and it is the first time I've ever had EWCM! I had quite a lot on CD7. Haven't had any since though. A lot of ladies on here swore by it. You only take it until you ovulate then stop.
I'm loving wfh! We have been told we will be until summer next year. Its so much better than commuting, I dont miss the tube one bit. Are you wfh too?

@Happythoughts91 ah I have lots of family and friends in Essex so am there A LOT! Obviously, not so much at the moment givne we are both in lockdown! So sorry about your wedding. We got married June last year, it's the best month for a wedding 🙂🙂 if you fall pregnant quickly it will be even more special next year with your little page boy or flower girl 🤞🤞🤞

It's so exciting you are both in your TWW! Although means this thread could be over before its even started 😂😂😂

Happythoughts91 Sat 24-Oct-20 17:15:15

Argh really we’re Leigh on Sea. So easy to get into London. If we fall pregnant we will postpone until June 2022 and have the baby there with us. Fingers crossed.

I’ll definitely be keeping the thread going. I don’t feel we’d be so lucky to happen to straight away.

I’m new to this and still not use to the different terms etc. Is BBT body temp? How do you test and what are you looking for? If you girls can help let me know. Something I don’t know about. @GreenApplesYo saw you mention it too smile

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AMS19 Sat 24-Oct-20 17:19:15

BBT is basel body temperature. You need a thermometer to 2DP. I have the Fermometer one off amazon. You have to test your temp as soon as you wake up (literally you can't even lift your head) at ideally the same time each morning. Post ovulation you will see a temp increase. It basically shows ovulation has happened. If you see people use the term FF they are talking about the app fertility friend which does the charting for you. It will then hopefully show when you ovulated. BBT only shows once ovulation has happened so does help in knowing when to DTD (as that should be before you ovulate) but does help confirm you did actually ovulate, as LH rises doesn't necessarily mean you did. So the two together are petty reliable!

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