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TTC chat!

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apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 15:27:05


Want to get a group of ladies who are TTC at the same time to have someone to chat to during this journey together. It's a lonely process for me and only
In early stages of trying but would love advice, tips and general chat. This is an open chat and can't wait to chat to you all


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Tabbycat92 Tue 20-Oct-20 16:00:56

Hi @apwilso 1st month of trying here for baby no.2 😊 1dpo 🤞

FTM94 Tue 20-Oct-20 16:39:23

@apwilso hello☺️ I am new here too, just decided to start trying and have come off the pill. Waiting for my first AF before we can start. 🤞🏼 hopefully she comes soon as I am getting impatient x

apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 18:48:18

@Tabbycat92 how you finding your journey this time? X

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apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 18:49:27

@FTM94 welcome to the club. What pill were you on? I came off my pill 2 years ago just to come off and feel better for it but just decided trying now with my partner x

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Bouncytree Tue 20-Oct-20 19:38:54

Hi @apwilso @Tabbycat92@FTM94 can I join? Trying for baby no 2. First cycle trying after 2 early loses. I may or may not have ovulated this month...the next few days will tell! I’m excited to try again. I’m sure that will soon wear off 😅🤣

FTM94 Tue 20-Oct-20 19:46:45

@apwilso I was on Microgynon and had been on it for about 11 years so was pretty scared it would take some time to get back to normal. Going by the advice I have seen on here so far I recon I ovulated last week so expecting AF next week some time 🤞🏼 this process is all so new to me and learning something different every day xx

FTM94 Tue 20-Oct-20 19:48:58

@Bouncytree hey🙋🏻‍♀️ sorry about your previous losses, I have my fingers crossed for you that you will get a BFP soon and all will be ok 🤞🏼 it's so nice to have people on here to speak to as we are not telling anyone and I am sure my OH is sick of me going on 24/7 😂 x

Tabbycat92 Tue 20-Oct-20 19:54:58

Completely different this time! Baby no1 we weren't officially trying, it just happened. So this time; tracking, opk's, etc. Is so different, but so so exciting!
Hello @ftm94 & @bouncytree

purplepoppet92 Tue 20-Oct-20 19:59:40

Hi all! We are also TTC our first. First month if officially trying and I am due period in 3 days so fingers crossed!!

Bouncytree Tue 20-Oct-20 20:04:23

Thanks So much @FTM94...Fingers crossed for you too! 🤞😆🤞 yes so nice to have the chats here....there is so much going on in our heads and hearts and no one knows! Sometimes I think it’s strange that that’s the done thing.

@Tabbycat92 yes different experience for you then! I didn’t use opks or anything on my first but We were trying deliberately and timing the BD.

Wishing everyone luck! 🌈🤞☺️

Bouncytree Tue 20-Oct-20 20:15:43

Hi @purplepoppet92.....exciting! Not long to D day so.

FTM94 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:37:39

@purplepoppet92 I hope AF stays away! Have you had any symptoms yet? X

Waiting2BeaMama Tue 20-Oct-20 20:43:38

@apwilso Hi, I'm new, can I join in?! smile DH and I have just decided to give it a go TTC our first baby. I am due to ovulate around the 1st of November and I feel like the wait is killing me haha. So exciting to go on this journey with you ladies xx

Waiting2BeaMama Tue 20-Oct-20 20:48:17

@Bouncytree I know how you feel. It's so strange making such a life altering decision and telling no one about it! So nice to have people to talk to and go on the journey with, as DH is definitely fed up with me talking about it 24/7 as well :P

apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 21:08:53

@Bouncytree you sure can!!! I'm ovulating this week and testing everyday to see if I can catch it. Luckily off work but getting obsessed. It's nice knowing we've got people around us going through the same thing grin

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apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 21:10:20

@Tabbycat92 two different experiences for you then! I want the lay back just let it happen but I'm a control freak so trying to keep on top of testing etc!

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apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 21:12:44

@purplepoppet92 good luck! Nothing worse than waiting for it but I love this site for chatting and getting advice as I'm new to it

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apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 21:15:04

@Waiting2BeaMama welcome! It is so nice to speak
To others. My boyfriend is stressed with it all and says I keep going on about babies too much but can't help it! I'm due to ovulate this week noticed CM difference but other than that not one positive ovulation test as of yet but thinking I'm due around wed/thurs for my ovulation 😟

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Waiting2BeaMama Tue 20-Oct-20 21:33:40

@apwilso I know what you mean! My DH is so fed up with me just talking about babies, but I just can’t help it 🙈 Hopefully we get BFP quickly then it will be real rather than all hypothetical lol! I always notice a CM change around my ovulation date but my apps never quite agree on the date. I use Natural Cycles which always tells me I ovulated later than I thought I did, so I think when we are in the FW we will just DTD as much as we can to ensure we don’t miss it. I would just make sure you are DTD regularly and at least you’ll be covered!

Bouncytree Tue 20-Oct-20 21:35:20

Hi @Waiting2BeaMama! Yes the waiting is hard is isn’t it, time seems to go so slow! I think most of this process is waiting and wondering 🤷‍♀️

Thanks @apwilso I am the same! At CD 9 I felt very hormonal so I began opks, found a rise so thought I was peaking, so got on the BD straight away....4 days later and still no peak! So I’ve been testing like crazy, but also forgot about CM which I normally get 2 days before...that normally makes me test snd works well as a sign. So out of the blocks waaaay early this month 😅

apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 21:37:58

@Waiting2BeaMama i know! Keep getting loads of sponsored post of baby or pregnancy on all my social media's hahaha. Feel like it's a sign or just my bloody iPhone listening in. I find that, that my apps I use to track (Ovia and Flo) flag up different things had a change in CM about 3 days ago but not had a positive ovulation test yet. Just DTD as much as possible to cover myself😂 well that's the excuse anyway hahaha!

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Tabbycat92 Tue 20-Oct-20 21:38:39

@apwilso definitely!
@waitingtobeamama hello!

Those tracking I recommend the app premom. Its been very accurate in tracking my cycles. I got my mirena iud removed in July, have tracked my cycles since and it has been 100% accurate this month.
I am using a method called 'The Babydust Method'. Its a method that aims to sway gender. So accurate tracking is paramount! We have a little boy, so we are trying to sway girl to complete out family 😊

apwilso Tue 20-Oct-20 21:43:23

@Tabbycat92 I'll give that app ago. What's a third app to try 😂 I've never heard of that method before! I'm curious though... can you explain that one!x

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Waiting2BeaMama Tue 20-Oct-20 21:48:23

@Bouncytree It really is and I am impatient at the best of times 😅

@apwilso haha me too! I keep getting lost in a rabbit hole of baby and pregnancy things that I don’t need quite yet (hopefully soon though 🤷‍♀️🤞) Haha definitely enjoy it you don’t need an excuse 😉

@Tabbycat92 I’ll need to have a look at the premom app. Ohh I’ve heard of that method before, it will be so interesting to see if it works for you! I’d love one of each too x

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