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2DPO - Anyone with me....!

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xem87 Mon 19-Oct-20 15:59:18

Hi all!

Is anyone just starting their 2WW!? 💕 xxx

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unCliche Mon 19-Oct-20 16:17:27

Hey! This is our first cycle TTC so we've been really going for it grin but I think we started a bit too early into my cycle and now we're just fed up of DTD.
That being said, I got a positive OPK yesterday (first cycle using them so surprised they worked) so I'm somewhere between 0 to 1 DPO.
How long have you been TTC for?

xem87 Mon 19-Oct-20 16:25:12

This is our 2nd month trying. Last month I think we missed ovulation due to work patterns. My periods are between 27-30 days usually 27 - so this month we tried the clear blue digital kit - showed my ovulation as Saturday... so we shall see! We DTD again this morning so crossing everything now 😂 time will go very slowwwww!

We were lucky last time conceived first month! So who knows xx

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unCliche Mon 19-Oct-20 16:40:37

My menstrual cycle is a bit shorter. Recently I've been getting 23 day cycles but I average 25 days, so I come off AF and O is like a week away for me.
We're trying for our first, so don't really have any expectations for how long it could take but I do hope it's quick!
What are your plans to keep yourself distracted during the TWW?? We've just had an offer on a house accepted so hopefully that'll keep my mind occupied

KJS20 Mon 19-Oct-20 16:43:16

Oooh me can I join! Second month ttc but first month properly tracking etc and think I’m 1dpo. @unCliche also a bit worried we overdid it early on so not sure how hopeful to be that we got our timings right blush
When is everyone planning to test? Don’t think I can wait until af is due if I’m honest!

unCliche Mon 19-Oct-20 16:53:51

@KJS20 that's what I was worried about - getting timings wrong, so we started as soon as AF ended just in case I O'd early but I don't even think it was necessary!
I'm due AF end of Oct/beginning of Nov so I may hold out until then, let's see grin

KJS20 Mon 19-Oct-20 22:04:25

@unCliche glad I’m not the only one who took that approach anyway, husband is definitely not looking forward to another month like that! Am due early Nov - 1st / 2nd but thinking I might test a couple of days before, possibly anyway. Fingers crossed for everyone smile

coffeewithmilk Mon 19-Oct-20 22:28:27

Hi ladies, Can I join? Had my peak OPK on the 14th, so reckon I'm about 4 or 5 DPO. Currently just having slight lower backache and sore boobs.
This is my first month TTC after 2 losses this year.
First ectopic in Feb which was twins, and another ectopic in June.
Both conceived on first cycle.

Fingers crossed for a good month.. with a pregnancy in the right place 🤞🏻

Bouncytree Mon 19-Oct-20 23:25:10

Hi ladies, I will join you. I am a bit confused I may be 1 dpo but I’ve had some ups and downs on the opks which hasn’t happened before so terribly confused! We will just have to keep DTD 🤣. We are trying for our second child. We’ve been getting pregnant quite quickly but have had 2 losses.

Sorry to hear you’ve had 2 ectopic pg @coffeewithmilk that’s really tough. Fingers double crossed for you!

Lol it can be quite a sexathon...We will have to try pace ourselves 😅😅😅

@KJS20 DTD before ovulation is the sperm a chance to swim Up! 🏊‍♀️ 🤣 sperm can live for up to 7 days...eggs 12-24 hours.

KJS20 Tue 20-Oct-20 07:33:45

So sorry to hear about your losses, wishing you all the best this cycle flowers must be so hard to go through that, I’m worried how sad I’ll be to test negative let alone go through something so difficult, sending baby dust as they say!

@coffeewithmilk do you have twins in the family? I’d love twins but no history of them so fairly unlikely

How are you finding the opks generally @Bouncytree? Did you use them for your first? I might try them if no luck this month.

Bouncytree Tue 20-Oct-20 08:46:04

@KJS20 didn’t use on my first, That took 6 months. Though I always say we weren’t ‘doing it right’ as first 🤣 We were just doing it once on predicted day of ovulation, so not enough really. Once we DTD more we had success.

But used OPK last 2 pregnancies (Though they didn’t last) - we had a good hit rate - took 2 cycles each time. Not completely necessary but would recommend...when they work well you are sure you have ovulated. Though this month Im a bit confused ! They do take some of the guess work out of it. You can buy a big box for quite cheap on the internet. I used clear blue once but won’t be forking it for them every month.

Hope everyone is doing well today ☺️

KJS20 Tue 20-Oct-20 08:50:26

@Bouncytree it’s so funny isn’t it, I mentioned it on another thread but there’s a whole new world out there when you start ttc and learn properly about fertile windows etc, I had no idea how complicated it all was! I think I will definitely use opks next month if needed, sounds like they work pretty well for most. How old is your first?

Not sure about everyone else but I think I’m going a bit mad, way too early for anything to have happened but I’m already overthinking every slight cramp / twinge and wondering what if!

Bouncytree Tue 20-Oct-20 08:59:22

Lol yes there is a lot of info out there...easy to feel you need to know it all. But you can also just DTD a lot around predicted ovulation. We sometimes forget our bodies know what to do. That said I am a fiend for all the info and stats!

My first will be 3 in Nov.

Lol yes we are all headed to the TWW and the land of phantom symptoms. I have been pregnant before so thought I would be able to tell this time....but once you start looking the symptoms’ feel so real! It’s too tempting, and kinda fun...but then yes drive yourself bonkers with it! 🤪

Praying4aRainbow Tue 20-Oct-20 09:02:07

👋 I think I'm 2dpo although I didn't track this cycle so can't be 100% sure, month 11 of ttc our 3rd,good luck everyone 😊

lilacflower12 Tue 20-Oct-20 09:05:32

Can I join? First cycle trying and first cycle off birth control. I think I got my peak OPK last night ( my apps say it was peak) but to the eye I think it wasn't quite as strong as the control line so I'm either ovulating today ( CD 24) or tomorrow. I used to have 33 day cycles when I wasn't on the mini pill so I'm used to long cycles. It's my partners birthday on the 30th so I'm hoping to test then on what will be 10dpo I think but I'm not sure I'll see anything as due on period on the 4th Nov.

@unCliche we've done wayyyy too much this month as my app and OPK's were saying different things so we just did it a lot in my first "fertile week" which turned out not to be my fertile week so we're still going!

@KJS20 I would definitely recommend using them, my app said I was O'ing on CD19 this month and that clearly didn't happen!

unCliche Tue 20-Oct-20 09:52:52

Don't actually think I've O'd yet! Had another positive OPK yesterday and then my temp dipped today. I really hope I don't have a very short LP because today is already CD14 and my cycles are 23 - 26 days long confused

Oooh ladies, sorry about your losses. It must have been very difficult but it's great you're going for it again! Really hope it works out well for you this month!

@KJS20 if this month isn't successful, we definitely won't be DTD everyday from CD6. I think we'll wait until OPKs say GO. And maybe I won't tell DH when I'm O'ing because the pressure can really get too much! I made him a card last night (with a giant pop-out sperm) to tell him his performance has been great and I appreciate him grin
You should give OPKs a go though! I may be doing them wrong and mistaking negatives for positives, but the line colour has definitely been progressive, so still a good indicator.

@lilacflower12 wouldn't that be a lovely birthday surprise if you got a BFP! It's my bday in Nov so it would be a lovely gift to myself. So exciting! I never really believed the ovulation dates that apps give because it always assumed I had a 14 day LP, and I've never actually bothered with finding out how long it actually is, until this month! So I'd probably assume the OPKs were right and keep an eye on CM. I've already seen watery CM CD 10 & 11 and then EWCM CD 12 &13 so I can't be far off O!

KJS20 Tue 20-Oct-20 17:40:03

@unCliche absolutely love that you made him a card! Might have to do something like that as he has been working hard bless him 😂 although I’m cooking dinner tonight so perhaps that will do. I’ll take yours and @lilacflower12 advice and get some opks next month I think so we can be more organised.

Thinking we might dtd a couple of times this week just in case but am fairly sure I ovulated day before yesterday. Just a waiting game now!

Hope everyone is doing okay smile

Twinkle1989 Tue 20-Oct-20 18:24:46

I'm 5DPO I think!
We used Clear Blue Ovulation this month instead of my calendar app. CB said Thursday/Friday and my calendar said Sunday so god knows!
We DTD on Wednesday & Thursday.
This is our second month TCC - CB only showed a high without a peak last month so I was testing twice daily during the high this time around grin
I've got a FR ready for next weekend and keeping everything crossed confused
It's crazy how I've spent my adult life avoiding pregnancy and all of a sudden I'm obsessively tryinghmm

coffeewithmilk Tue 20-Oct-20 18:27:14

@KJS20 no twins in my family at all, so I was very surprised when they said it was twins that was in the tube. Equally sad but surprising.

Have been very emotional today for no reason and had a nosebleed this morning. Haven't had one in over 10 years.. maybe this is an early sign, I'm not sure

KJS20 Tue 20-Oct-20 18:41:26

I know what you mean @Twinkle1989 and isn’t it funny that it’s made out to be so easy to fall pregnant and it’s only when you want to try you realise how complicated it can actually be!

Hopefully they are some early symptoms @coffeewithmilk my fingers are crossed for you. Must have been a surprise to find out it was twins although of course, just as sad sad

lilacflower12 Tue 20-Oct-20 19:46:41

Can anyone help me understand? First cycle using OPK's I thought I got my positive/ peak but the line is slightly not as dark as the control. But I seem to be lighter tonight? Do you think I've had my peak? So confusing 😫

unCliche Tue 20-Oct-20 19:58:38

@KJS20 we'll probably also DTD tonight before bed. Not sure when or if I've even ovulated but some extra sperm won't hurt.

@lilacflower12 I would say you've probably had your peak although I'm barely the expert! As long as you DTD today and a few days leading up to today, you may have a good chance! Also DTD tomorrow just in case.

It's also my first month of using OPKs so still learning lots about my body so if we're unfortunate to not conceive this month then at least next month we'll have this month to compare to.

xem87 Thu 22-Oct-20 07:33:09

Morning all,

How is everyone? Any symptoms yet?


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Twinkle1989 Thu 22-Oct-20 08:04:07

I'm 6dpo and I did a test yesterday which was of course negative! I don't know why I did it cos all it's done is upset me 😩
No symptoms but I haven't got my usual bloating before my period which is due next week so keeping everything crossed!
I am having weird period pain kind of twinges which is unusual - I wouldn't normally get period pain until the night before and it's usually bad so keeping everything crossed here!! Xx

xem87 Thu 22-Oct-20 08:11:37

Fingers crossed @Twinkle1989 💕
Time moves so slowly!
I'm not sure how many dpo I am... clear blue my peak was Saturday but app was Monday. It means inoculated cycle day 12 periods usually 27 days so I'm going by either 4dpo or 5DPO no symptoms yet though. Crossing everything xxx

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