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What OPK's?

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DNpink82 Fri 09-Oct-20 23:16:31

What brand OPK's does everyone use? I was using wondfo then bought some ultra sensitive ones (apparently) which never show a high peak. I've just done one of each out of the same urine as I was curious, the wondfo is showing 0.8 yet the other is showing absolutely nothing? I'm even more confused now than I was at the start 🙈🤣

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Hufflypuf Sat 10-Oct-20 07:12:21

Wilko own brand, £1.50 a pack and they have worked brilliantly for me.

TTCbabyx Sat 10-Oct-20 19:26:15

I've got the 'Easy@home' brand and have been brill so far - onto the 3rd month using them!

I did fall pregnant but ended in a cp, so they must be picking up ovulation correctly 🙊xx

Smoby Sat 10-Oct-20 19:50:16

I use Easy@home too. I used to use Onestep but definitely find Easy@home better

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