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Can I take this as BFP?!

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MrsM21 Fri 09-Oct-20 09:13:04

I’ve had faint lines since the day before af due, took a test this morning and the line is definitely darker. I’m pretty sure I ovulated late so still only 12 dpo today but I could be wrong.
I’ve had sore boobs this week, hot flushes and occasional nausea to the point where I’m gagging already.

The test is still a bit faint (top is this morning, bottom is yesterday afternoon) but do you think I can take it as bfp now? It was our first month ttc so I’m a bit in shock as was expecting it to take a bit longer!

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meganlea Fri 09-Oct-20 09:18:49

Congratulations!! That is definitely a BFP. I wish you the best of your luck on your journey smile

Can I ask for tips? I literally joined mums net this morning as we had the conversation to start TTC last night. Don't have kids so this is entirely new to me. Thank you! smile

RedKen Fri 09-Oct-20 09:21:03

Yes definitely positive. Congratulations!

PerfectPinecone Fri 09-Oct-20 09:21:12

Definitely looks a bfp to me. Congratulations

PurBal Fri 09-Oct-20 09:23:40

Hell yeah! Congratulations OP

MrsM21 Fri 09-Oct-20 09:32:48

@meganlea I started taking vit d and folic acid at the beginning of the year which the doctor recommended so I’d definitely recommend doing that if you can.
I’ll be honest I didn’t do as much as some people, I tracked my cycles every month this year on clue and also tried to pay attention to ovulation pains which I knew I got and also tracked my cm (gross but tells you a lot about where you are in your fertile cycle)
Other than that I just made sure we had sex every 2-3 days. I actually bought ovulation strips because my plan was to start tracking with those from next month so I was sure when I was ovulating.
Good luck!

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