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Can you have warm baths while TTC?

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CharlieYellow97 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:03:30

TTC for DC2, didn’t try with DS1 as I was 16 and it was a surprise, shall we say!

7 years on and officially trying for a baby, made some lifestyle changes as I’m aware I’m 16 and it may take work and knowing my cycle.

One thing I did read online is that you should avoid hot baths, I used to have hot-ish baths but mainly liked a warm one, especially in winter.

I’ve read it affects eggs or can affect implantation? But seen a counteracting article which said warm baths are fine and the temperature of a bath that would be needed to cause an issue is too hot to sit in? And apparently our eggs thrive in a warm environment

Wondering if anyone knows if this is true or not? Currently doing SMEP method and don’t ovulate till next Tuesday/Wednesday and I’m dying for a bath! But don’t want to damage any eggs that could be waiting to be released soon!

Please don’t be afraid to tell me if this is a load of shite, I’ve spent hours researching tips for TTC, lifestyle changes etc so might’ve come across some myths!

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CharlieYellow97 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:04:47

As I’m aware I’m not 16 anymore* that should say

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xWaterfallx Thu 08-Oct-20 21:59:32

@CharlieYellow97 Generally baths are fine, just avoid jacuzzi's and sauna's. A warm to hot bath is okay, don't have it so hot that your skin turns pink. As long as you're not raising your core body temperature then your eggs will be fine, they like it warm which is why they're inside us. It's more important for men not to have hot baths as sperm like it cooler.

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