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Questions about TTC after mirena

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Mirenaremv1 Thu 08-Oct-20 13:04:48


I know this comes up all the time on here and I've read a few posts but I have some questions about TTC after coil removal.

I had the coil removed on 15 Sept and had the standard spotting the day after and nothing since. I am not tracking anything this month as I'm waiting to have my AF first before TTC. However, I keep reading anecdotal stories of people having conceived either with no AF after removal or having had one AF, but then go on to miscarry. The general consensus is that this is due to the uterine lining not being thick enough. However I can't find any scientific evidence to back this up, I assume because it is under reported.

Does anyone know how long it takes for the uterus lining to "go back to normal"? I only had the coil in for just under two years and had no periods in the last year on it.

Also, any stories from anyone having conceived after TTC and timelines etc would be great!

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