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Cycles after ERPC procedure

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4Minions2CallMyOwn Thu 08-Oct-20 12:44:15

Hi ladies. I’m new to Mumsnet and am hoping for some advice if possible. I had a MMC at the beginning of August and an ERPC procedure was done at the end of that month. I was just wondering post EPRC if it’s likely that my cycles would have gone back to normal (28 day’s, ovulation day 14) from my first period or are likely to be erratic for a few months maybe? What are your experiences please? Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you

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hellymum21 Thu 08-Oct-20 17:02:35

Hi there. I had surgical removal of miscarriage early March and it took about 4 weeks for period to return. I fell pregnant again at end of June after we had a month break from trying. Currently 18 weeks pregnant with a baby girl 🥰sorry you're going through this tough time, best of luck x

hellymum21 Thu 08-Oct-20 17:04:31

Sorry just realised I didn't answer about cycle length, I did find cycles a bit longer. Was normally 28 days and they changed to 30-32 days but that may well have settled, had I given it some time x

4Minions2CallMyOwn Thu 08-Oct-20 19:48:39

@hellymum21 Thanks so much for your message. It’s helpful to know that. I’m sorry you’ve gone through this as well, it’s so devastating flowers

Huge congratulations on your little girl, that’s amazing news- I’m so happy for you! smile All the best with your pregnancy

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TTCROYGBIV Thu 08-Oct-20 22:00:09

Sorry for your loss @4Minions2CallMyOwn

I’ll give you my story but I’m just very unlucky apparently.

I had mmc discovered at 9th May, had medical management 20th May, ERPC in June and then another ERPC/hysteroscopy in July. I’m nearly 13 weeks later and AF has not returned.

Hope your cycle returns to normal quickly x

4Minions2CallMyOwn Fri 09-Oct-20 16:42:10

@TTCROYGBIV Thank you for your message and I’m so so sorry to read what you’re going through. How terrible and saddening, I can’t imagine how it must feel. I worried that my ERPC wouldn’t work and they said if products were still retained I would have had to have another one. The first was bad enough so I really feel for you needing to have not only medical management but also 2 surgeries sadflowers

I will be thinking of you and really hope that your body resumes normality soon. Huge hugs

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