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Line eyesss!!!!

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Laurens2890 Wed 07-Oct-20 12:32:34

Thank you. I took the first response and it was negative.

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Meme69 Wed 07-Oct-20 10:26:51

FMU isn't always the most accurate early on.

Kay00 Wed 07-Oct-20 10:22:23

Try the First Response tomorrow morning with your FMU for a more accurate result.

Laurens2890 Wed 07-Oct-20 10:03:02

My period is due Saturday I don’t know just been feeling weird. I just bought fist response so I’ll try that later. It came up within the 3 minute but I didn’t take the photo until after the 3 minutes.

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ElowenSmile Wed 07-Oct-20 09:38:14

I can see something very faintly as well. How many dpo are you? Did it come up within the timeframe?

FlippinNoah Wed 07-Oct-20 08:57:51

I can see the faintest hint of something where the positive line should be

Laurens2890 Wed 07-Oct-20 08:50:49

Can you see anything?

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