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Feeling frustrated!

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BernadetteThreep Tue 06-Oct-20 13:30:24

Beginning to feel very frustrated, we have been TTCing for 9 cycles now.

I'm currently on 17DPO, my luteal phase is 15 days. Tested last night and got a faint faint line but enough for OH to get excited. So rushed out this morning to get a FRER but it was stark white BFN.

Got no cramps or spotting, my cervix is very high. I'm expecting AF to arrive at any moment. Arghhhh. I'm so so fed up sad

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AMS19 Wed 07-Oct-20 07:51:43

@BernadetteThreep I'm sorry you're feeling that way. Did you come off the pill? How old are you? What tracking are you doing of your cycles?

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