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TTC number 2, anyone else?

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Poniesandgin Tue 06-Oct-20 10:19:57

I’m finding it totally frustrating blush

Number 1 came along easily, month 2 of TTC and I was pregnant without too much thought.

Number 2 however isn’t happening and every month I’m getting more and more pissed off which isn’t helping matters. It’s only been 6 cycles which is short I know but every month the waiting and symptom spotting is horrible.
My cycles are 33 days on average so it’s an extra week of waiting until I can try again and the ovulation sticks are hard to use as I keep missing ovulation (or I’m not ovulating!!)

Plus DTD is not as easy this time around! Small DC constantly waking up plus hardly any time together, sex feels like chore and trying to motivate DH who is working 60
hour weeks isn’t that easy!

Anyone else want to join me in the misery of it grin

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Char899 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:07:36

Hiya @Poniesandgin, also trying to conceive #2
Im with you in finding it really stressful. DC1 was unplanned so I’ve not had to do the TTC thing before. DH also finding it stressful as I think i am making him feel like a sperm bank! In my 2ww now and 2/3 dpo so fx for this month 🤞🏼 not sure we’ve done enough though tbh

Poniesandgin Tue 06-Oct-20 16:50:29

Hi @Char899.
Dh is complaining that it all feels a bit forced and not natural but I’m not sure how to not make it obvious that it’s the week confused

My age gap is already a bit bigger than I wanted so just hoping it will happen soon. 3 people at work have announced pregnancies in the last week too which was a bit disheartening.

I’m on CD1 so a fair wait yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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Char899 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:54:33

@Poniesandgin I totally get that and I think we are in the same boat. But without ringing an alarm bell to say it’s time to bd what else are you supposed to do? 😕 it’s always tough hearing pregnancy news when your trying yourself, I’ve had a couple of announcements too and I’m so happy for them but also jealous!
Fx for this month for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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