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OPKs - am I being too impatient?

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Hufflypuf Mon 05-Oct-20 21:01:05


I'm trying to understand if there is a problem with me, with the OPKs I am using, or if my experience is totally normal!

Bit of background info - I'm on cycle 3 of TTC. Came off the pill start of July, had a 33 day cycle, a 40 day cycle and now I'm on day 17 of my current cycle. This is the first month I'm tracking using OPKs.

My flo app tells me I'm due to ovulate in 2 days but I haven't had the progression on my OPKs I would expect. If anything, my LH level seems to have gone down since I started testing on CD10. Is this normal or should I expect a steady rise until ovulation day?

I'm using the cheapest OPKs I could find (Wilko own brand) so I wondered if maybe they're not working properly rather than it being a problem with me?

Picture attached. I'd appreciate any advice smile

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Kiki275 Tue 06-Oct-20 08:10:12

@Hufflypuf I've no advice but I'm in a similar boat with mine if it's any help.

Kiki275 Tue 06-Oct-20 08:12:02

I'm supposed to be ovulating in 4 days according to Premom but 2 days according to Flo (which hasn't been right for me at all on this TTC attempt).c

Hufflypuf Tue 06-Oct-20 08:15:44

Hi @Kiki275 - glad to see I'm not the only one! Have you been tracking ovulation for a while?

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Kiki275 Tue 06-Oct-20 08:51:06

No, this is my first month tracking OPKs but 5th month of TTC x

Juno231 Tue 06-Oct-20 08:56:25

@Hufflypuf to be fair - if you were to have another 40 day cycle and an average LP is around 12 days then you wouldn't ovulate until CD27/28 so just keep going with the OPKs!

Btw - all your pics in the app look like you've taken them way outside of the time frame and let the OPKs dry, is that right? If so that will be skewing the results.

Oh and if OPKs are driving you nuts I'd recommend temping, that's what I ended up doing as I found I was always second guessing myself with the OPKs.

NoCallerID Tue 06-Oct-20 08:58:12

Hi @Hufflypuf
And hi @Kiki275 🤗

Are you checking cervical mucus? Once you start noticing fertile mucus, start testing with OPKs several times a day.
Mine can be low one time and few hours later they're UP and then I eventually get a peak. If I would only check once a day, I'd likely miss it.

NoCallerID Tue 06-Oct-20 08:59:24

Ugh I can’t attach photos on the app... so there you go...

Kiki275 Tue 06-Oct-20 09:06:41

Hi 👋 @NoCallerID

Thanks, I've been checking CM previously, though last month really confused me. Doing twice a day currently but will certainly up the game.

@Hufflypuf we got this 💪 x

Hufflypuf Tue 06-Oct-20 09:36:56

@Juno231 I'm waiting for 10 minutes to read and then taking a picture using the app. I didn't try temping as the SMEP says not to bother. But if I have no luck this cycle I may try next month smile

@NoCallerID - thanks, I've just been getting creamy CM so far so maybe I'm just not there yet!

@Kiki275 let's hope this month is our month! Annoyingly DH is on a stag do abroad next July and I'm being my best friend's bridesmaid so if it doesn't happen this month I'm going to wait a couple of months before trying again.

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Highfalutinlootin Tue 06-Oct-20 09:44:13

In my experience, OPKs all look identical in all the days leading up to just before ovulation, then I get a very clear positive for 2 days in a row. In other words, mine never get gradually more positive leading up to ovulation. It's more binary: extremely faint line CD1-13 then extremely dark line CD14-15 then faint again. So maybe you're more like me, which is also a normal pattern.

Hufflypuf Tue 06-Oct-20 10:24:42

@Highfalutinlootin good to know, thank you! I was worrying they weren't getting any stronger.

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Kiki275 Thu 08-Oct-20 20:25:48

@Hufflypuf how are you getting on with your OPKs?x

Hufflypuf Thu 08-Oct-20 21:10:23

@Kiki275 I got a peak! DTD yesterday evening when it was high, hoping that and tomorrow will be enough! How about you?

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Kiki275 Fri 09-Oct-20 07:47:16

Mine are still rising, just got .42 and they were .33 yesterday. DH might get lucky every night now 😂 just to be sure x

Hufflypuf Fri 09-Oct-20 08:21:22

Fingers crossed for you! I knew I was going to get a high before I tested as I felt kind of wet and sticky all day blush

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Kiki275 Fri 09-Oct-20 09:15:32

That's a really good sign then. I've never noticed anything but will definitely be paying more attention just in case any further cycles are needed x

AMS19 Fri 09-Oct-20 09:27:12

@Hufflypuf this has made me feel so much better. I have zero on mine and seeing your peak come out of nowhere has given me faith!! 🤞 good luck!!!

Hufflypuf Fri 09-Oct-20 10:03:52

@AMS19 good to hear! I guess everyone is different and just because some people get a gradual increase it doesn't mean we all will.

I feel a bit panicky now! I have been waiting for this for 3 months but the fact I might actually have conceived has just hit me!

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AMS19 Fri 09-Oct-20 15:12:13

@Hufflypuf that is so so exciting!! Make sure you keep us updated either way. For everything crossed for you

Hufflypuf Fri 09-Oct-20 16:27:33

@AMS19 yes let's keep each other updated! It would be great if we all got good news soon

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Kiki275 Fri 09-Oct-20 21:19:40

Mines still rising but not far off.

TheDaydreamBelievers Fri 09-Oct-20 22:22:53

Hey @Hufflypuf some peoples seem to slowly rise, others like me go from blank to positive to blank really fast!

Bells3032 Fri 09-Oct-20 22:31:22

I've had my coil out for 6 weeks and not the slightest postive yet sad got a basel thermometer today in the hope that might be more accurate

Hufflypuf Sat 10-Oct-20 07:09:34

@Kiki275 your latest one looks a lot like mine did the day before I got my peak smile

@Bells3032 we've got this! Keep us updated!

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