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Is this positive?

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tash674 Mon 05-Oct-20 20:10:18

So my period is late, no spotting as usual but can't work out of the test I just took has colour! Can anyone help?

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Macbookbaby Mon 05-Oct-20 20:23:40

Omg!! Congratulations!! Definitely can see a clear coloured line! Also deffo looks like you BFP to me x

Pumpertrumper Mon 05-Oct-20 20:25:32

I agree it’s positive congrats!

tash674 Tue 06-Oct-20 07:11:33

Here is the one from this mornings test- not sure if that's any clearer- still very faint!

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sherbetlemony Tue 06-Oct-20 07:14:58

Looks positive to me, congrats!

orangejuicer Tue 06-Oct-20 07:16:27

Those are both positive OP.

PurBal Tue 06-Oct-20 07:22:45

Very positive. Congrats.

Albgo Tue 06-Oct-20 07:29:45

Not faint at all. Very positive. Congratulations.

eloiseislost Tue 06-Oct-20 07:38:07

I've seen tests that are much more faint and they ended up being a BFP! Congratulations!! thanks

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