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5 days of positive LH OPK tests and now second surge?

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annabellaldn Mon 05-Oct-20 19:32:10

Hi all, new to MN smile

In short -
- Starting using the Natural Cycles app this Summer to plan a pregnancy
- September was my first month measuring & using OPK's
- Had positive OPK results across 5 days this cycle so far (24-28 Sept)
- After this, assumed I'd ovulated as tests started to show negative. Assumed I'd just had a long surge as nothing to be concerned over.
- Test was even negative on the 2nd Oct (did a random one)
- Experienced some cramping this morning (5th Oct) and got light DC so took an OPK which is now fully positive (!)
- Period was due this week (8th) but since entering this data to the app, it's flagged I'm ovulating again (perhaps didn't work the first time) and period due 20th.

It sounds like either:
A) Multiple follicular stimulations (multiple LH surges, body releases second follicle as failed the first time) - Has anyone experienced this?
B) Pregnancy - though it's too early to test.

Always had regular periods (avg 26 days) did have the IUD for 7 yrs but got it taken our 1 year ago to regulate. No problems, no PCOS symptoms.

I guess my options are:
1. Wait for a period to arrive, do a pregnancy test if I'm late.
2. Consult a doctor if it sounds like multiple follicular?

Welcome to any thoughts.

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Sophielou8 Mon 05-Oct-20 19:43:40

I had lots of positive opk in a row so I did a pregnancy test.. I’m now 16 weeks pregnant

Alicia870 Mon 05-Oct-20 20:32:53

Have you done a pregnancy test? I would as positive opk could be sign of pregnancy

annabellaldn Tue 06-Oct-20 16:14:47

Thank you! I'm going to wait a few more days as preg test calculator is still saying it's too early.

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flossy28 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:42:11

Hello there - can I join? I've had a similar issue this month.

This is my first cycle TTC #1.

I've been off hormonal contraception for nearly a year and have been using Copper Coil since Dec 2019 alongside Natural Cycles as I wanted to get to know my cycle better.

My cycles are usually 33/34 days and I ovulated around CD21.

My best friend has just passed 16 weeks after 3 years trying and got lucky first time with CB digital ovulation test so I thought I'd give it a go too (she had a spare unopened pack!)

I tried testing as per instructions around CD13 and to my surprise got a flashing face on CD14 and a static on CD15. WaY earlier than I thought! We DTD on 9, 11,13 and 15 to give ourselves the best chance.

With that new data my app said AF would be due on Sunday.

However, my NC app didn't record a consistent temperature rise like it normally does and I've had a lot of EWCM the last few days so this morning I used a cheap OPK and it had a very strong test like so I'd say it was a positive. So now I'm a little confused.

Going to try and DTD for next few days anyway but not sure whether to trust the CB test or my IC?

Can a positive OPK mean possible pregnancy too? Too early to take a test for me too!

Never had this before. No PCOS. I'm 27 and partner 29.

Thanks in advance for any help. x

flossy28 Tue 06-Oct-20 17:06:18

...just taken another cheap OPK and it's negative so maybe it was just a false positive this morn as it was my FMU.

Just a waiting game now I suppose!! Trying to distract myself ha ha x

annabellaldn Wed 07-Oct-20 13:48:15

Wow! @flossy28, super similar.
I've just ordered the CB ones for my next cycle (though my AF has not arrived yet and I'm still getting positive OPK's!) Due tomorrow so going to wait till end of week to do a preg test if it's not arrived.

The second wave of positive OPKs really felt like I was ovulating (all the usual symptoms) so I'm wondering if it just didn't work the first surge and it's done it the second time. That would surely push my AF back a bit though (though I'm rarely late.. 2 days max) so no idea what's going on down there!

I've also got incredibly bad lower back pains over the last few days, sore boobs..everything is pointing towards pregnancy but it could just be AF or the second wave of trying to ovulate. Who knows! Will keep you posted.

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flossy28 Wed 07-Oct-20 14:09:31

@annabellaldn yes please keep me posted. Fingers crossed for you!!! Sounds like we are in the same boat.

I've had all those same symptoms and just not felt myself last few days (since the first time I thought I ovulated) - back ache, EWCM, tired and a bit emotional.

I did a CB digi test this morn and it was a static smiley straight away and so now I'm so confused?! I rang them earlier and they said my first test was in line with what they'd expect so to take that as the one but going to try and DTD tonight just in case I am ovulating again.

The not knowing is the worst part! Would rather know now so I can move on and look forward to next cycle!

Sending lots of luck to you x

flossy28 Wed 07-Oct-20 14:12:03

@annabellaldn forgot to ask, have you seen a rise in your BBT since your first positive OPK? Mine was up for a few days but last 2 days back down again.

annabellaldn Wed 07-Oct-20 15:45:52

@flossy28 My BBT is a strange one - I've been trying to do it every morning before I get out of bed but it's been pretty consistent with no real drops (trying to work out how to attach image!)

Re the double surge - I've seen totally mixed things online from different blogs/websites...

- Some have said the first surge is the one where I would have ovulated
- Some say the second surge is the ovulating one as the follicle didn't rupture the first time
- There's also others saying high LH can occur right before your AF
- Others say a high number of positive OPK's can be pregnancy

I've not been taking pics of the tests but threw them all in the bin (just dug them out - gross!) but lined them up and they are nearly all positive minus 2 (so 12 in total now!)

I'm just going to wait and see if AF arrives.
Good luck to you too! x

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annabellaldn Fri 09-Oct-20 22:55:29

I did 2 clear blue preg tests these evening - both positive 2-3 weeks (exciting!)
- 1 day late
- Experiencing lots of cramping and had a tiny bit of brown blood earlier so I think it's implantation
- Lower back pain still present too (which I never get so knew something was up!)

Pretty shocked but happy - typical it's a Friday so can't call doctors till Monday but will carry on as usual until scans confirm everything.

Hope you are well! x

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annabellaldn Fri 09-Oct-20 22:56:37

Oh and since we last spoke Weds I kept getting positive OPK's smile so everyone was right!

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flossy28 Sat 10-Oct-20 08:05:57

That’s fantastic news. Huge congratulations! Your instincts were right!

I’m not sure when to test yet. My normal AF isn’t due until next Sat but when I got my first LH surge earlier than normal and put into my app it moved AF to tomorrow.

I’ve got so many spots and very sore boobs still but have been worried this week as I haven’t seen any real temp increase which I usually do. Will keep you posted.

Huge congrats again to you! starXx

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