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Faint lines?!

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Newmother321 Fri 02-Oct-20 17:31:21

I've taken 3 tests today and all have come back with very faint lines (so faint I don't know if im imagining). I am 3 days before my period. Do you think these are positives or am I clutching at straws?!

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Newmother321 Fri 02-Oct-20 17:35:31

I'm new to mumsnet so not sure how to post a picture?

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Chica1990 Fri 02-Oct-20 18:00:32

Below the comment box there is some buttons, click the paper clip one to attach a pic

poptypingchef Fri 02-Oct-20 22:16:29

You won’t be able to post photos for a day or two

Newmother321 Sun 04-Oct-20 18:29:55

I can finally upload. Here is the picture I took. What are your thoughts!? @poptypingchef @Chica1990

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LadyLooLaa Sun 04-Oct-20 18:31:35

I can see them!!

Vicki1990 Sun 04-Oct-20 18:32:42

I can see them too!

Newmother321 Sun 04-Oct-20 18:39:45

Oh good, I thought I might be imagining them depending on the lighting! 🎉
Eeek I just need to hope AF does not arrive! I've been feeling cramping all day so worried sick that meant period....

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Chica1990 Sun 04-Oct-20 19:32:01

Yep deffo see them!! How many dpo are you?

Vicki1990 Sun 04-Oct-20 19:32:34

Will keep my fingers firmly crossed for you!

Newmother321 Sun 04-Oct-20 19:39:46

@Chica1990 I think between 12 and 14.

Thanks @Vicki1990

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Braxos Sun 04-Oct-20 22:41:11

Deffo 3 lines there! Congrats! 💙

Newmother321 Mon 05-Oct-20 08:47:11

I did another test this morning. AF is due and had not shown up and I now have a stronger positive. Pretty sure now smile.
Thanks everyone!

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Vicki1990 Mon 05-Oct-20 21:24:12


poptypingchef Mon 05-Oct-20 22:43:35

That’s a peach of a positive @Newmother321

Newmother321 Tue 06-Oct-20 09:41:20

Thanks both smile @Vicki1990 @poptypingchef.
I could not be happier!

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