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Ovulation support tablets

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Hayes178 Thu 01-Oct-20 22:19:25

I suffer from slightly irregular periods (26-34 day cycles), I take ovulation tests twice daily for 14 days around my ovulation. I have never received a positive ovulation test. I don't get much cervical mucus to track. Doing some digging online and come across ovulation support tablets from conceive plus. They have a fertility support one too. 99% reviews I've read have been all positive saying that they conceived quickly and it sorted out their cycle. Has anyone tried these before?

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Hayes178 Fri 02-Oct-20 11:21:20


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CandyTTC123 Wed 18-Nov-20 12:53:34

Hi I've just started taking these as my periods are irregular too. Literally only just started so cant give any feedback but once I see changes I'll let you know! smile

Rachel93x Wed 18-Nov-20 17:57:18

Omg I swear by these tablets!! I went from 60 day cycle, down to 45 and now between 28-35 day cycles and I have positive OPK tests each month! I couldn't recommend them enough!

I did conceive the first month of trying along with using the conceive plus lube (first month of using the lube - didnt TTC the first 2 months when taking the ovulation support as wanted them to simply regulate my period!) , but ended in an early miscarriage but I'll continue to buy it again when it runs out! The ovulation tablets I have each month - I'm too scared of not taking them as they really do work and have a long period and my dr is happy for me to take them 😀

CandyTTC123 Wed 18-Nov-20 18:41:10

Awww I'm sorry about your MC, I hope you're okay.

Thanks for the info though, it's comforting to know you think they work! My period has always been so so irregular and it's been really worrying me at the thought of trying in Jan! How big are those tablets though hmm tough to swallow haha!
As a side question, which OPK do you use? I currently use some strips I got on amazon and they just kind of show a stronger line when I'm ovulating but wanted to see about others xx

Rachel93x Wed 18-Nov-20 18:57:14

Oh thank you, I'm okay! I've taken it as a good sign we can get pregnant 😀 and what is meant to be will be!

I use these ones and I swear by them - but it's just what I'm used to;

Easy@Home 25 x Ovulation Test Strips, Ovulation Predictor Kit, Powered by Premom Ovulation Predictor iOS and Android App, 25 LH Strips

I also use the Premom app, I always recommend it to people as shows so many different charts/add your opk etc! Here's a photos of my strips last month on the app!

CandyTTC123 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:39:48

Oh that's what I use!!
OK I'm gunna stick with it then.

Thanks for the help. So the lube, do you think that's worth getting?

Rachel93x Thu 19-Nov-20 07:26:28

I never notice the whole EWCM, so that replicates it so I feel it's worth it and the review in it were amazing 🙌🏼 if just gives me peace of mind that I'm going everything I can

NamechangeTTC Thu 19-Nov-20 07:30:49

@CandyTTC123 the lube is great. We conceived second month. Much preferred it over pre seed

CandyTTC123 Thu 19-Nov-20 07:44:30

@NamechangeTTC @Rachel93x Thanks guys star xxx

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