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Period is 10 days late....

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Fralala Wed 30-Sep-20 15:59:25

....but I have just done another test and it is negative.

I seem to have some symptoms which could mean pregnancy - I’m constipated, feeling a lot more tired than usual, light cramping, more of an appetite than usual. On the day my period was due I had an extremely light bleed - spotting of light pink blood - and that was it.

I checked back on dates and according to these calculators you get online, I had sex on my most fertile day of the month.

I’ve done about 4/5 tests. Two of them on Sunday and Monday showed up a very faint positive line around an hour after the test was done but I think this means it’s probably an evap line due to it being out of the time recommended to check for results.

Just posting here to see if anyone has experienced/is experiencing the same thing as me?

Thanks for reading


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Juno231 Wed 30-Sep-20 16:01:54

My guess would be that you ovulated late this month for whatever reason and that you're in the two week wait now, hence all the progesterone induced symptoms. Test again in a week if nothing has happened?

maisythehorse Wed 30-Sep-20 17:46:39

some possibilities could be you've ovulated late and the bleed was implantation or it could be a chemical pregancy, they show up as faint positives and then neg may cause you to be late until you have your af.
I had a couple of very faint positives followed by negatives, cramps a few days before af (I was 3 days late)
Try testing again in 48 hours from the last one hopefully for you'll get an answer.

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