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TTC opk advice please

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kent1991 Wed 30-Sep-20 07:36:08

Ive been ttc with opks for around 5 months, we are still going following a miscarriage 2 months ago.
Anyway, this month has been different. I got a flashing smiley face on clear blue on friday, however still testing twice a day and no solid smiley.
I have also been using pink strips alongside... around the time of my flashing smiley my pink strips were getting darker and darker, although never getting to the point where it showed in ovulating.
Anyway the pink strips are getting light, hardly anything there again

My point is would you bother keep testing? I have tested twice a day so shouldn't have missed it approx 6 am then 5pm but tbh i havent really been thinking about what im eating or holding my urine beforehand.

Thanks for your advice.

If anybody asks i didnt photo the pink strips this month, trying to obsess less lol xxxxxx

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Kay00 Wed 30-Sep-20 08:58:47

Hi @kent1991 It sounds as though you missed your peak. It can happen within just a few hours and often late at night, so you might have peaked around the time of your darkest OPK.

I wouldn't bother doing an OPK at 6am. OPKs are testing for LH hormones which are not produced over night, so often you will get a negative in the morning. I would test three times a day when they start getting darker, 11am, 5pm and 8-10pm.

Its also worth knowing that the OPKs can't tell you when you have ovulated, they only indicate that your LH hormones are high enough to ovulate. Temping using a BBT is the only way to be sure as you will see a temperature rise after ovulation.

Hopefully you DTD all over your fertile period and you're still in with a chance.

kent1991 Wed 30-Sep-20 09:35:46

Thanks for the advice, i think you are right. We have dtd and might try and do every other day until end of week to be safe i guess but i just need to chill out i think.
I tend to do clear blue digital early cos it advises first morning wee but maybe i shouldnt bother.
Good to hear somebody elses opinion not just staring at lines lol. Thanks again

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MJM1608 Wed 30-Sep-20 09:37:18

@kent1991 Sorry about your miscarriage & I am in the same position - had one last month.

It is possible you’ve missed your peak on the OKPs but hopefully you DTD every other day whilst you had flashing smileys?

The last 2 months I’ve had my solid smiley in the morning. This month I had 6 flashing smileys and yesterday morning I had no smiley at all. I was so disappointed at missing my peak but I was confused as I had EWCM. I decided to just test at 6pm just incase and I had my solid smiley!

It’s crazy how your surge can come so quickly. We were DTD every other day so we were covered anyway. Hopefully you did the same. They’re bloody expensive tests but I’ve found them the most reliable.

Good luck for this month!! xxx

kent1991 Wed 30-Sep-20 09:49:39

Thanks @mjm1608 So sorry for your loss and hope you and your partner are ok Yeah i agree about reliability. They're how we conceived the first time so am hopeful they are accurate!

We have dtd throughout so fingers crossed. I think i am overthinking it. We are getting married at beginning of next august so after this month we are stopping ttc for 2 months so i dont literally give birth at the wedding. After that i dont mind if we are pregnant at the wedding even! Covid makes the wedding seem so out of reach anyway
Sorry for my life story. X

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MJM1608 Wed 30-Sep-20 11:07:39

@kent1991 MCs are hard.. the high of a positive test then the low when you see bleeding. If only we were told growing up how challenging the TTC process is mentally!!

I think you’ll be covered as sperm can live for up to 5 days and have read many posts on here with people getting their BFP only DTD 3/4 days before ovulation 😊

Very exciting you have your wedding coming up!! Hopefully the wedding plans take your mind off TTC nearer the time. It’s so hard trying to plan during this process! I have 5 weddings and 4 abroad hen parties next year that I don’t know whether to pay for incase I’m pregnant. My due date for MC was the day my hubby is best man so that’s kind of worked out well.

Hopefully this month is the month for us both! Are you 1 dpo now too, do you think? Xx

kent1991 Wed 30-Sep-20 22:15:39

I am not sure exactly, i think im roughly 4dpo but i cant be 100%. All my fingers crossed for you xxx

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