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When will I ovulate based on opk?

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Alicia870 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:02:58

I got a positive opk this morning around 11.30am. I've been having ewcm on and off for past 3 days. Had lots this morning but it's cleared up now. We dtd tonight. When is it likely I'll
Ovulate? Should be dtd tomorrow too? Thanks x

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Hokeycokey54321 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:05:55

It’s a good idea to BD for 3 days in a row following positive OPK as you are likely to ovulate within next 36 hours.

sarahc336 Mon 28-Sep-20 21:50:36

A positive opk means your likely to ovulate 12-48 hours later, so as the previously person said you'll need to dtd at least the next two nights in a row to be covered x

Alicia870 Mon 28-Sep-20 22:03:29

@sarahc336 do you mean tonight and tomorrow night or tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday?

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sarahc336 Mon 28-Sep-20 22:32:49

Personally I'd be doing it tonight and tomorrow for sure and then Wednesday night as an added bonus if you can but defo tonight and tomorrow!! smile

Alicia870 Tue 29-Sep-20 13:56:34

So can I just check also when people talk about DPO would I assume my ovulation day is today, the day after a positive ovulation test? Thanks

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blodyn91 Tue 29-Sep-20 15:46:53

I had my scan yesterday and was told im 12 weeks, which means I ovulated before my positive OPK 🧐 (maybe they dated it wrong by 2 days). But I would dtd everyother day leading up to peak then 3 days straight, and then 1 last bonus go a few days later. Dont get too hung up on dpo, if you assume you Ovulated today tomorrow will be 1dpo, but I would probably go with Thursday as 1dpo unless you take bbt to confirm.

sarahc336 Tue 29-Sep-20 16:00:23

@Alicia870 yes you'd normally count the day after a positive opk as your ovulation day and then start counting dpo after that, it's only really rough as a positive opk only measures to. Lh hormone surge it doesn't actually say you are ovulating right now, sone many women ovulate right at the start of their lh surge and sone apparently ovulate right at the end so we can only really guess but good luck x

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